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Early termination fee

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Early termination fee

Hi, called customer representative on or 8/20/19. And wanted my services cancelled. I'm having a recent financial hardship. The representative cancelled my services and told me of a $250 early termination fee. I told him that when I signed up with Hughesnet over a year ago, there was no contract. Even spoke to a manager who would not do anything for me and wouldn't be able to look over my account. I asked for the termination fee to be waived, he would not do that for me. When I first called for services in June 2018, I researched Hughesnet and at that time I there was no contact. And never would have authorized this. Manager kept telling me I did sign a contract. And told me that he would send me a box to mail equipment. I called again on or around 8/29/18 and again reminded representative of my financial hardship and asked once again to waive the early termination fee. Also, asked once equipment sent back could she waive the early termination fee. All answers were no. I asked this representative then to prove to me that I signed a contract. She told me that she couldn't because Hughesnet is a paperless company. When I asked to speak to a manager she would not do that. Really? So no where does Hughesnet have my signature on file that I signed a 2 year contract? By law you must provide proof that I signed a contract, ever. Whether it was at sign up or any hidden contract during my service with Hughesnet. You must provide me proof on paper that shows my signature. Or, please just waive the early termination fee before I take this with the Massachusetts State Affairs Office.
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Re: Early termination fee



All HughesNet internet service includes a 24 month commitment.  The 24 month commitment is stated as part of the disclaimer that the salesperson gives toward the end of the sales call, and which you must verbally agree to before you can get the service.  Without the verbal answer of "yes" to their question as to whether you agree to what has just been read to you, you cannot get the service, and the sale goes no further. 


The written subscriber agreement is here.  


While the reps can perform sales call reviews in order to verify what was said during those calls, they are, unfortunately, only able to do so for the first three or four months after the sales call was placed.  After that, the calls are no longer available for review. 


I'm sure a rep will reply after they get back on Tuesday.

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Re: Early termination fee

Good morning Zoezy1122, 


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! Glad to see Gabe has already stepped up and provided good information for you. The service terms and conditions, as well as the legal site on which these conditions are available for review, is provided over the phone by our sales reps (and e-mailed in the welcome email). Agreement to these terms are required to process the sale; only if one decides not to go with the service, can that person cancel before installation without any Early Termination Fee. Once the installation is signed off on by the adult present on site, the ETF terms apply.


 Please check your private messages (PM) in the top right corner of the community page as I will send you a PM to further address your concerns.


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