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Fortnite and other PS4 issues

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Fortnite and other PS4 issues

So when switching over from centurylink to HughesNet i was guaranteed that speeds would be faster and that any trouble I was having with kids playing PS4 in real time would be remedied. Not true. Now that I signed a two year contract come to find out they can't play games like fortnite and call of duty without lag time.  when I asked about getting out of contract I was told an early temination fee of like $350-$400 would have to be paid. This seems incredibly unfair. Anyone else have the same problems?

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Re: Fortnite and other PS4 issues

You may want to post this under myAccount and Billing.   You can also request a review of your sales call, if it is available, to verify what the agent told you regarding the service. 


Re: Fortnite and other PS4 issues

Hi minnesota1234,


I've moved your thread to the appropriate category. Our sales agents should not have guaranteed this and in fact should have said the opposite, since real time games do not work on satellite services. I have already located your account and will be requesting a sales call review.


Thank you,