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Fraud with Billing

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Fraud with Billing

March 1, 2018-my account was billed a ridiculous amount. (has been steadily increasing each month since we started service). 

Today, our internet was cut off. Attempted to call, customer service representative refused to help, refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor and then proceeded to hang up on me. Called again, this time the individual first said that the card was invalid and payment wasn't received. Lies. The payment shows up on bank statement. Then they said that the account has been locked due to fraud and the card was removed from the account. Lies, because again the payment went through. So they have requested my bank statement (how is this even legal) which has been sent to Called back, they said it takes two days to open an email and restore service. 

This is theft, account has been "locked" for no apparent reason as I paid an enormous amount. I am not impressed, my wife is a student and is not able to complete coursework. If this is not handled quickly I will have no issues taking this to court, I have all the informaiton I need from bank statements and an account saying no payment is due. 


Re: Fraud with Billing

Hi Eddie, I see you've already been provided some more information in another thread from Liz, so this thread will be closed. Here is the link to your other post:


Thank you