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Tired of the Lies

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Tired of the Lies

You guys can't even get your story straight! First you guys said it was due to not receiving a payment, my bank statement says othewise. Now you are saying it is a fraud claim. None of it makes sense, I have used the same card for months and there has been no issue and now it is a fraud claim over an invalid card yet a payment was made and no balance due on the account. Get your story straight! Now since it is in fraud, I have to wait atleast 3-5 business days to even receive a call from the "fraud department that you have no contact info for" to even even begin to get our account unlocked. Here is what I am going to do.

1. I plan on terminating services, but I will refuse to pay the fee for services you have failed to provide.

2. I will be taking all of my documentation to court.


Re: Tired of the Lies

You may want to give the Hughesnet admins on this site some time to review your case and give you a reply on your topic here before you post again on a new thread.  @Liz; @Amanda


Re: Tired of the Lies

Hi eddiecastagno,


Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. I pulled up your account to look into this for you and I see you've already are working with our Executive Customer Care department to address your concerns. As mentioned over the phone, the increase in bills were due to the data token purchases, and once your documentation that you sent yesterday is received, ECC can investigate.


  Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated.




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