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Gen4 Tokens Purchase

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Gen4 Tokens Purchase

How hard is it, HughesNet, to put a "Tab" that says, TOKENS to purchase tokens under Gen4. Frankly, when a person is under the Gen4 system, there should be a menus system that is strictly for Gen4 and not the bounce around from the old system to the new. Even if I am in the Gen4 system and I go to the Gen4 "My Portal", I go to the bottom and click on the RESTORE TOKENS and it takes me back to MY DASHBOARD where there is no sign of TOKENS. I don't buy tokens every month, but how hard is it to setup a webpage.  You are a internet provider, aren't you?  
I don't like your webpages, but when I am forced to find something on my own, another useless window opens leading me down another dead end.
So, since I seem to be HughesNet webpage challenged, I called support yesterday as my system was throttled and I wanted a buy a token. Mind you, my system works better than dial-up in a throttled state and I accept that, BUT HughesNet's own menus will not load under this state (pretty much everything else will with patience).  When I called up to resolve this issue, the representative kindly gave me (thanks for making me feel privileged) tokens so that I could buy tokens (sounds kind of backwards, yes?).  When asked why their menus won't load, he informed me that my SMART BROWSING was not activated and it was supposed to be from the start of my service.  He said he would activate it and gave me some extra tokens for the inconvenience.  Guess what, SMART BROWSING is still not activated! 
HughesNet, stop playing like we are all stupid, fix your service, fix your support and update your websites!!!!!  
And really, do I need an imogee to tell you how I am feeling?
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Re: Gen4 Tokens Purchase

There are a couple of ways to purchase and manage Tokens.

From the Download Status Meter ... that should be right on your Sys Tray:

A link can be saved in your browsers "favorites" that goes directly to your "Dashboard", After logging in you will find access to token management here:

Here is a "How To" regarding Tokens:

There are several ways to purchase tokens. This will illustrate one of them:

Open your "Dashboard" here:

Before we can discuss Tokens, we have to understand the details of "Data Buckets"

You really have three sources of data from which to draw:

(times are for Gen4 monthly plans)

(all times are "local")

(click on pictures for larger images)

#1: Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am)

#2: Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am)

#3: Token Bytes (used when Anytime Bytes are depleted)


The above shows all three "data buckets"

One method of purchasing Tokens is to click the "Token Management" link as shown below:

That links brings up the following:

As shown below, that page has two parts:

The "purchase" area and the "available" area:

Clicking one of the "purchase" links will cause that denomination of Token to be charged to your bill. It is NOT however ready for use ... it is added to an "available" category.

After clicking "purchase" watch the screen closely. A very brief confirmation screen will appear:

After the confirmation, the number of "available" Tokens will increase by one:

At this point you have been charged for the Token, you "own" the Token, but it has NOT been added to your allowance yet.

In fact it is NEVER added to your Anytime or Bonus Bytes allowance categories. however after "USE" it is added to your "Token Bytes" data bucket (#3 in the first graphic)

In order to release a Token for use we have to click the "use" button:

After you click "use" two things will occur:

The number of "available" Tokens will decrease by one

The value of the Token will be added to your "Token Bucket":

After a short delay, refresh the meter display and the Token data should be visible in your "Token Bucket":


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Re: Gen4 Tokens Purchase

Smart Browsing doesn't activate until over your allowance and no token bytes available.
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Re: Gen4 Tokens Purchase

Then support doesn't know what they are talking about and Smart Browsing doesn't resolve the issue of the HughesNet screens displaying when in a throttled state!
Thanks BirdDog.

Re: Gen4 Tokens Purchase

Hi Ted,

We hope that the above info from BirdDog and Gwalk are helpful. These are some very knowledgeable customers you have on your post.

So, from what I am understanding is that you cannot get to the page to purchase tokens when you have exceeded your allowance? And you are using to purchase them, correct? 

In looking at the notes from your calls to us, it seems you may just benefit from using/purchasing tokens right from the status meter instead. You don't need to go to a website in that instance and is all around easier.