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The advertising for this internet company is VERY deceiving! I'm stuck only because nobody else services my house but I get MAYBE one movie a month on a plan I pay $70/month for after taxes. After that, I have to deal with constant hang ups or lags - sometimes every 2 minutes. I ended up buying a "dongle" for my TV & I attach my phone to it and use my mobile network to stream movies instead of using this worked internet.
The only time I use Hughesnet is for downloading documents because I'm a book editor & need to get large documents several times a month.

If there were a way to sue this company for false advertising, for claiming they have such good service with all of those smiling people on the website, on their brochure and... Ugh!
DON'T BELIEVE IT! I've had Comcast, AT&T, and several other internet providers and bar none, Hughesnet is the ABSOLUTE WORST OF THE WORST!
People here have mentioned a termination fee, & I swear, if I go to cancel & they want me to pay something like that, I'll have a fit! That's prolly why they make you autopay, so they can just TAKE what THEY say you owe when you don't pay the ETF's.
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If you feel that appropriate expectations were not set by the sales representative you can ask for a sales call review.  


HughesNet does not hide the fact that its plans offer a set amount of high speed data per month, and after that data is exhausted you are throttled.  Happy people in their ads doesn't equate to deception, and lack of research of a product or service before buying or signing up for it isn't the fault of the provider.  


And yes, there is an Early Termination Fee if cancelling the service prior to fulfilling the 24 month commitment.

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