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History of updates etc.

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Oliver Giddings
New Member

History of updates etc.

I would like to know how to get imformation concerning the history of upgrades/changes to my service including dates they were made and/or cancelled

Hi Oliver,

Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. At this moment, I do not know of a way you can see this type of history. We can, however, pinpoint something specific for you if that is a concern. We were not able to locate your account just with your name, so if you have a recent case number or the serial number of your modem, we can get the information you need.

Thank you,
Oliver Giddings
New Member

830010347477AE is the serial number and the information I'm looking for is updates/changes in my plan for the last 4 months.  Also I would like to know why I can not get ITEMIZED paper statements for this same time period from Hughesnet, that would have answered all of my questions and more.

Hello Oliver,

I tried to locate your account with that serial number, but it does not seem to be associated to any HughesNet equipment or account. In the meantime, you can view an itemized statement of your bill at by clicking on the Billing tab and then selecting the bill you wish to view. Any updates and changes are outlined by date starting/ending in your bill. Each line is clickable and will show you a detail of your bill for that month.

This includes service plan changes, token purchases, hardware upgrades, etc. I've attached a sample below.

Thank you


While I do appreciate the time you are taking with this
problem you do not understand what information I am looking for. I did
follow the instructions you sent and got the exact same results because
it is what I have been looking at all day.

What you show on the
billing site is not a STATEMENT it is an INVOICE, I totally understand
the concept of start/end dates for monthly service (I believe Hughesnet
does not understand the concept of exact dates). It does not give me the
exact date the changes were made only what month you have billed me for
the service. An exact date i.e. would be 11/07/2014
which would be shown on an ITEMIZED STATEMENT.  We did change our
service to Gen4 PRO MAX but cancelled the change 2 weeks later when it
was realized we did not need Gen4 PRO MAX.

There is definitely a problem, I  spoke to 3 different representatives for the last 2 months (2 of them this morning concerning
the billing. The first rep I spoke with last month confirmed we had the
service for 2 weeks then tried to tell me the $194.66 was the correct
charge.  The first  representative I spoke to this morning
told me we used the service for 30 days.  I do thank you for the fact
that I went back and reviewed the information. The normal monthly charge
for the Gen4PRO MAX is $129.99 the total of the bill in question was
$194.66 minus an overpayment of $30.62, isn't strange that the total
bill was 30 days plus 2 weeks for the service instead of the 2 weeks we
actually had the service before cancelling. If I understand your billing
process correctly you charged 30 days in advance for services we had
not yet used and added on the 2 weeks we used.

Apparently you
cannot give EXACT dates for upgrades etc. (poor record keeping on
Hughesnet's part). Unlike other providers you do not send an email
informing customers of changes or for the customer to confirm that yes
they are the person that made the changes so there would be an exact
date of change for the customer to refer to and your phone reps are
either making false statements or don't know what they are doing.

I have a big problem paying a bill that the charges cannot be proven
with exact dates of changes, which Hughesnet is either unable or
unwilling to supply in the billing information given to their
customers.  Until the time this exact information can be proven I will
not pay this bill, any late charges related to this bill or any other
charges Hughesnet may attempt to bill because of this bill including
early termination fees as a result of this bill


Oliver V. Giddings

Hi Oliver,

If what you are looking for is a place to see every change that was ever made to your account, we do not provide this. We do, however send you a confirmation e-mail and receipt of every change made. These would have been sent to the e-mail address on file OL*********84@GMAIL.COM.

When factoring your service charges, does this include to your Voice service as well as taxes and leasing fees?

You can view an even more detailed version of your bill at - but logout and on the home page, select "View/Pay my bill without logging in"

You'll be prompted to provide some information. I was able to test and view your bill. The best way to view this is by selecting the invoice you wish to see, and then clicking the "Printer Friendly" option. This will drop your invoice down into a very, very detailed view.


New Poster

Amanda hi hi wont the SCC  advance screen in logs show any change they had
New Poster

Go to SCC look at the grey I this advance screen icon . Left hand look at Logs expand it and select event logs there be two section  evt.cst and evt1.cst click on them it will list all event since modem was installed ( sw updates upgrade ,errors ,anything that happen to modem be listed and you can print it )


I think his request is more billing. I am not sure that the evt logs show service plan upgrades, though.

These logs are very good for tracking crashes, SW updates and downtime. 🙂

New Poster

Was not sure if Upgrades where listed lol mine don't roll back that far