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HughesNet Not Honoring their own email.

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HughesNet Not Honoring their own email.

I inquired about an upgrade to my HughesNet account and received the response, below on 9 November from Jackie Williams, HughesNet Support.  The response indicated that I could upgrade to Gen5 20gb for $59.99.   No where in the response below did HughesNet indicate that the $59.99 for 20 gb was for a limited time.   
Today, I called to upgrade to this plan:  Gen5 20gb for the price of $59.99.   Although, your representative was very nice, she quoted the price of $69.99.  I explained the email I had received, she put me on hold, and then quoted the price of $59.99 for 6 months.   Again, I told her that was not what the email said and even provided the Case ID:  116602229.  She again put me on hold and came back quoting the price of $59.99 for 1 year and then I could callback  after the year ended for the $59.99 price.   Again, I explained this was not acceptable and the reasons why it was not… including no where in the email did it hint that the price of $59.99 was for a “limited” or “temporary” price. 
I believe Hughesnet needs to honor the price as indicated below without any hitches or call backs. 
Email from HughesNet
Thank you for contacting HughesNet Support. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you today.
We received your email that you're asking about the service plan. Your time and efforts are highly appreciated.  
Mr. XXXXXX , It show on our records that you are currently subscribe to our Hughesnet Gen4 Prime Plus. That is 10gb service plan for $59.99.
Here's the details for our Generation 5 if you wish to upgrade your service.

Congratulations! You have two great options to Upgrade your HughesNet service to Gen5! 

With this exclusive offer, you’ll get:

  • 25Mbps download/3Mbps upload speeds
  • Built-in Wi-fi
  • No Hard Data Limits
  • Bonus Zone
Gen 5 Service plan and pricing.
  • Gen5 10gb - $49.99
  • Gen5 20gb - $59.99
  • For the Equipment lease of  $9.99.
I hope the information above was helpful. You case Id is ​116602229.
For further inquiries you may contact our Phone support at 1-866-347-3292 or through Customer Management Center via and in the “Contact Us” section of the page click Email/Chat Support. We are open 24/7 to assist you.  
Thank you for writing to HughesNet. Have a great day!
Jackie Williams
HughesNet Support

Ummm... From the email:


  • Gen5 20gb - $59.99
  • For the Equipment lease of  $9.99.

So that's a total of $69.98, not including tax.


* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Hi crziebird,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! I appreciate you reaching out to us, and I see here you already reached out to us on Facebook. My colleague Jay will address your concerns there.


Just to state for folks who may be lurking, our Gen 5 10 GB plan is $59.99 MSRP and the Gen 5 20 GB plan is $69.99 MSRP. Plan and pricing can vary by location, so to find out what's available in your area, enter your address on our site:


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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