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HughesNet trash.

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HughesNet trash.

HughesNet is the worst experience I’ve had from a company. Let me explain.
1. When looking into HughesNet service, the representative offered a plan (20gb), and a price (59.99) and free installation, as offered in their website. Upon setting up service and making payment, they called me back to tell me they couldn’t offer the deal they did, that it would cost me much more (79.99) plus installation. No resolution, I was just told “oh well” “it happens”.
2. First month of service was fine, but the second month, garbage. My data allowance was used in 6 days. 6GB of it showed used on a day I wasn’t even at my residence.
3. HughesNet advertised guaranteed speed after throttling is between 1-3 Mbps, I received 0.013Mbps.
4. When I contacted chat support I was told “it’s more than likely background data usage” from devices that were powered off. When I explained the devices (laptop and streaming service) were powered off and disconnected, I was told it didn’t matter, that the 1-3 Mbps would be divided by the total number of device used. This still doesn’t add up between three devices. Then I was told I must be streaming in 4k Ultra HD, which I do not. Not only do I not have a TV capable of streaming that quality, I also use the Video data saver app full time provided by HughesNet. With no assistance ornresolution I opted to call the support number.
5. After spending a period of time on call with support, with no resolution or explanation of poor service, I was disconnected. I was then contacted by another HughesNet rep and told I shouldndisconnect from service for 3 hours sonTech support could look into the issue and I would get a call back at the end of the 3 hours. Never got a call back.
6. (8) hours after placing my support call I received an email from HughesNet showing my issue was listed as resolved, with no resolution or further contact from HughesNet.

So, all in all, I got 6 days of internet and now for the last 2 weeks I can watch blurry Netflix that buffers every 5 minutes.
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1.  That's unfortunate.  If they told you during the sales call that you could get that price, they should have honored it.  


2.  During your first twenty days of service you are in a relaxed bandwidth state, meaning your monthly data allotment is constantly reset, giving you what's basically unlimited data.  HughesNet does this as a courtesy, to allow new subscribers to update/upgrade their devices to current without it affecting what would be their normal monthly data allotment.   After those twenty days the data usage is counted as normal.  The twenty days of relaxed bandwidth is explained in the Welcome email from HughesNet.  It's important for one to pay attention to their data usage with a capped service, such as this. 


3.  HughesNet's FAP speed is advertised as "Typically 1-3Mbps".  It's officially "As low as 1Mbps or lower."  No speeds are guaranteed.


4.  Again, the FAP speed isn't guaranteed, and congestion may also play a part in it being lower than what it typically might be.


5.  You should have received a call back. 


6.  As with 5, that shouldn't have happened. 


While subject to the Fair Access Policy, again, your speed will be reduced.  There is no guarantee that you will be able to stream. 


The following two posts contain info that may help you to reduce your data usage so that you do not enter FAP.  

Distinguished Professor IV

"My data allowance was used in 6 days."


They don't use your data for you. You used your data allowance in 6 days. That means you didn't buy a large enough data package, or you didn't use your data wisely, or you wanted to use satellite the same way as cable internet, which it is not designed to do.  The data usage is on you, not the ISP.  


*I am not a Hughesnet employee or representative. This is a customer-to-customer tech support community, and I am a customer.


Hello AnthonyM661, I see you're new, I'd like to welcome you to the community and thanks for posting!


GabeU provided some helpful links regarding data usage and I'll elaborate further on your other points:


 - I don't know who spoke with you, but you still received your promotional service credit. However, your confusion may be because of how much your first bill came up to, which I can understand so I want to go ahead and break it down for you. The cost of your plan did not change, but you are leasing the HughesNet equipment, so that adds $14.99 to your bill every month. As a courtesy, HughesNet also provides new customers a promotional leasing cost, so your current amount is only $9.99. You can view your bill through the support center, you just go to My Account > My Bill.


 - I reviewed the chat log you had with one of the reps. In order to help customers, we have to ask questions to pinpoint the issues, such as "How much do you stream?" for example. The rep did not assume you were streaming in 4K, they were providing a comparison between streaming in Ultra HD, HD and SD, and how much data each one will take. Most cases when customers are going through data, it's related to streaming, so we provide information that will help them manage their data to avoid using it up quickly. 


 - I reviewed your account and the notation shows here that the supervisor would call you back after 4 hours. I can understand being frustrated about this, however our notations show he contacted you about 8 hours later, but there was no answer so they left a voicemail and closed the case. I am sorry they didn't meet up to the expectations they promised. 


I hope this clears things up for you, if you have any other concerns you'd like addressed, don't hesitate to reach out to us!



Hi, we haven't heard from you since your initial post, so I'm going to close this thread. 


I hope you have a good day!