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I’m so very confused.

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I’m so very confused.

I live in a rural area and this was really my only option. I tried to press and get as much information as possible from them, but apparently I didn’t get enough. I was told that if I bought the equipment then I would get out of having a contract and I was also told that my total cost shouldn’t be much over $300 or so. None of that was true. I still have to have a contract, they took over $500 from my account, and my bill would’ve still ran nearly $80. Why was I lied to? I can’t afford this, I’m only part time at my job and I can’t leave without a major termination fee. With as much as I’ve already paid, why do I need to still be in a contract and how can I fix this?
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You may still have a little luck.  If it's been no more than about three months since your sales call, and that call was directly through HughesNet, NOT via a retailer/3rd party seller, the reps may be able to pull your sales call to have it reviewed.  They are very honest with their sales call reviews.  If its determined that you were, in fact, misled, there may be recourse.  That recourse if often in being able to cancel the service with either a reduced, or no, Early Termination Fee.  I'm not sure about the equipment though, in cases like this, as in what happens to it, or whether there is a refund.  


The primary advantage of purchasing the equipment instead of leasing it is that you don't have the monthly lease fee.  Some people feel the long term financial advantage of not having to pay the lease fee is worth it. 


A 24 month contract, as you've discovered, is required whether leasing or buying, but again, the sales call review may help you, if it was through HughesNet themselves.  


Good luck.  A rep should reply within a day or two.  





Hello ReallyConfused, let me first say welcome to the community and thanks for reaching out to us! 

I was able to have your sales call reviewed, and I want to go ahead and clarify your confusion. Check your private messages, I sent you a message with more details addressing your concerns.