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I would love to cancel my service too.

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I would love to cancel my service too.

So many posts here have such a common thread.  I did not recieve my contract either, the service DID NOT LIVE up to the expectations it promised to me and from reading these posts.  Here is a list of my issues within a two month window..


HUGHES NET ISSUES -Orig start date   7..09.17

Was not told about possible slow internet issues during peak operations was not told about my contract in details, the email received was very generic.

First issues 7/29   - slow speeds.  Suggestion was to purchase extender for TV which I did for $100.  no improvment.


Plugged PC directly to modem with purchase of Ethernet cables (a lot as I had to go from downstairs to upstairs)  on August 10th.  - still no improvement


Couldn’t get to online games MMO / GW2  - firewall issues?  Removed Kaspersky web service, thinking this was my firewall.Added both games by port and onto windows 10 firewall (addon)  Finally able to play.  After downloading game fully using data at night.  I only play maybe once a week for 4 hours TOPS. In fact the firewall issues effected not just gaming websites but even Amazon.. Google , etc.. found myself having to go to other browsers to open things.


Experiencing quick usage of 30 GB .. how??  It seems we can never watch a movie or show on any of the Netflix, Amazon without experiencing a ton of “LOADING” .  Is it all the time it spends buffering that eats it UP?

9/09 – tried to watch news on Utube have family in florida during Hurricane IRMA .. BUFFERED ALL NIGHT.


Called 9/10 – at 8:15 pm .. man could barely speak English.. called me Ms. Janiak after EVERY sentence. asked me simple things had me check speeds.. even after his “connecting  & testing” we still are experiencing SLOW connectivity.  Its now 10:08 .. I must of tested every website with this rep asking me to open this website and that website.. works great. But ESPN, CNN, YOU TUBE.. DON’T .. its obvious I have a speed / connectivity issue. I keep asking for him to please send someone out here to look at my connection... he wont answer me. Finally he puts me on hold to “test something” and miraculously the youtube is working and wow instantly I can watch a video!     Off the phone at 10:15  Reference # 106123733


The next day , I received 7 emails from an Indian based recruiting company about jobs..?  And also 5-6 phone calls from Indian speaking people asking me about applying for jobs.  I called HughesNet to make a compliant .. how coincidental was it that this happened the day after I spent two hours on a phone with Indian based Hughes net customer support??   Hughes net did give me a ‘weeks’ credit.  Thank you.  I still feel as if my personal information was shared with Indian based operations.   NOT HAPPY.


At this point ( 9/23/2017) we would like a full refund and Close our Account.

Thank you,



They kept sending me messages that they was going to shut off mine before the bill was due. My bill is  due on the 3rd of every month and they have me set up on a 30 day pay plan. On every 15th of the month I start getting these messeage that they are truning me off and I have call them every day almost to try and work this out and they refuse to let me talk to their mang. and than they would hang up on me after me asking 5or 6 time to speak to them. I went as far to turn them into the ??? and I don't know what happen but ??? close my case. So I call them yesterday again to try to talk to them and I got no where with them and I told the rep that I will go over their head and their mang. so give me the corp. office phone number so I could call them and complain about all of the reps. and the one mang. So if you need the phone number please send me an email and I will be happy to give it to you.


Thank you Runningwater,

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