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Internet service

I would not recommend HughesNet to ANYONE. worst service I have ever had. Horrible customer service. Worst part is I can’t even cancel unless I have $400! Absolutely ridiculous. I will make sure anyone i know does not choose this internet provider! Screw you guys!

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This is a tech and account support site. If you would like support with your issue(s), please provide details of the tech or account issue(s) you have with the service.  The reps on this site are very helpful and are happy to work with you regarding the $400 cancellation fee if you're willing to do troubleshooting with them. Might be worth a shot. See the first paragraph here:


It is understandable you are angry, but no one on this site has done you any harm, so no one deserves your insults. Give the reps here a chance to work with you and keep in mind most of us here are subscribers like you who don't deserve your yelling at us.


This is not a review site. If you would like to review the service, please use one of the many sites out there where you can post a review.