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Is there a 30 day cancellation policy?

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New Member

Is there a 30 day cancellation policy?

I just got service yesterday.  Service isn’t terribly slow yet, but it’s nowhere near as fast as I wish it was.   If I cancel before 39 day will I still have to pay the early termination fee?

Distinguished Professor IV

There is no 30-day cancellation policy. This is stated in the subscriber agreement:


If you cancel after activation but before the end of your 24-month term commitment, you will be charged a Service Termination Fee of up to $400. The exact amount of the Service Termination Fee will be $400 during the first ninety (90) days after activation of the Hughesnet Service. Thereafter, the amount will decrease by $15 per month for each month of active Service.”


The agreement is legally binding and is freely available to everyone. You may want to read it:


The reps on this site can work with you regarding the early termination fee only after you have done extensive troubleshooting with them and if they can’t improve the service within what is expected of satellite internet performance.