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Medem returned but lost at warehouse

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Medem returned but lost at warehouse

I returned my old modem after installing the new one that was sent and got a tracking number from UPS and it was recieved at the warehouse on 03/30/2020 9:29 A.M GAITHERSBURG, MD , US

Today I recieved an email from Hughesnet stating that I have not returned it and I will be billed $125 if I do not return it in the next 20 days.

You already have it. Can somone look into this for me please.

Thank you.


Re: Medem returned but lost at warehouse

Hi atlantia,


Thanks for the heads up, we can definitely look into this for you. I'll post back once I have an update.


Ah, I only have the tracking number of the modem we initially sent you. Can you please private message me the tracking number showing we received the old modem?




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