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Monthly bill

I’ve had a terrible time thus far, on the whole, with Hughes Net, from the misleading sales call, frustrating slow service, and unsupportive support calls. My post here regards my bill as in line with posting guidelines. I started with a 30 gig plan (being assured that my family of four who always streams on Netflix or prime, 3 cell phones, and one work computer would have plenty data to spare) then upgraded to the highest of 50 two months ago. The charge was for a $129.99 plan, but now my bill is $146. There is no breakdown. I’m assuming it’s the express repair service as another hidden charge, which is both misleading and irrelevant. I bought my equipment outright, so that’s not a factor. Upgrading to 50 was my last effort as my bill exceeded $400 at one point! This was due to the “token” scheme. Once we were being throttled or slowed after yet again 2-3 days into a new cycle, purchasing tokens seemed the next logical step. It is not logical to pay for $400 for internet! Nor $146 when surfing or streaming only to have it stop every 20 seconds. We now have to turn all devices off to watch a movie or show, only to have it stop repeatedly. I also cannot work from home due to slow service.
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You can sign into the HughesNet MyAccount site, click on the My Bill tab, click on Current Invoice, or any of the past invoices below, and there will be a popup that will show a breakdown of the invoice.  You can also scroll to the bottom of the open invoice and click on "View Site Details" on the bottom left.  This will give an even further breakdown.  


Tokens are not a scheme.  You are not required to purchase them.  Buying $400 worth of tokens is a choice.  However, if you wish to stream after you've exhausted your monthly data allotment you may need to purchase token data in order to do so.  Also, you may need to turn off, or snooze, the Video Data Saver when streaming, especially if doing so in HD, or you may see a lot of buffering.


HughesNet is not designed for cord cutting.  Streaming is a very data intensive activity and will burn through your data very quickly, especially if it's done in HD.  Netflix uses around 3GB per hour in HD, 700MB per hour in SD, and 350MB per hour in LD.  


You can request a sales call review in order to determine if you were misled during that call.  If it's determined that you were misled during the call, you may have recourse regarding the Early Termination Fee if you wish to cancel the service.   With this said, they usually only keep the sales calls for around three months or so, but sometimes they have them a bit longer.  You can request the sales call review here.  It's also possible that the rep will automatically do so when they see your post.  




The reps are on Monday through Friday from approximately 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST.  They usually reply within a day.  


Hello Adalhover, welcome to the community and thanks for posting!


I reviewed your bill and it shows your service plan, Express Repair, and a data token. The service plan is $129.99, Express Repair is $7.95 for the Basic option, and the 3 GB data token is $9.00. This brings your total to $146.94.


Regarding your technical concerns you shared on your other thread, I provided some free data tokens in order to run speed tests with our tools. I see on our end that your speeds are lower than what's considered part of our standard speeds, so I reviewed your account further and see your beam is currently under maintenance with our engineers.


This is having an affect on the service because of the amount of Gen 5 customers sharing a beam, leading to congestion among users. The number of customers has exceeded our expectations, so our engineers are constantly working on making improvements on the performance.


There is currently no ETA for how long this process will be. I recall you mentioning you do not have many choices available for providers, so what I can do is place a $30 discount on your bill for the next 12 months, or if you would like to cancel I can create a ticket on your account to allow you to cancel without any fees. Let me know what you would prefer. 




Hello Adalhover, I'm closing this thread since we never got a reply from you. In regards to my offer, you're more than welcome to send me a private message (PM) in the top right corner of the community page with how you'd like to proceed.


Thank you.