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Promised a 20g plan for promotional rate. HN never promised

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Promised a 20g plan for promotional rate. HN never promised

Was promised the 20g plan for the promotional rate. Hooked me in and charged me at there normal rate. I’ve called time after time speaking to someone overseas that cannot help. Seems like the sales people get you in and then you’re stuck with horrible internet and customer service.
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I'm sure the mods here will sort this out for you. 

I hope so. At this point I just want out. There is plenty of competition in the area. The sales people sure made it sound nice. There’s times when the data plan is used up and I’m getting speeds under 1Mbps.
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I imagine you're super frustrated -- I hope the reps will get to you soon (one of them is out this week, but there are two others here) and that things will get better for you.  The reps normally get back to people within 48 hours, but sometimes, depending on their workload,it may take a bit more. 


Sales people always make everything (houses, cars, systems, equipment) sound fabulous.  Better to do some research before giving them your hard earned money. 🙂


I hope so. At this point I just want out. There is plenty of competition in the area. The sales people sure made it sound nice. There’s times when the data plan is used up and I’m getting speeds under 1Mbps.


Very true. Lol.
Thanks for the info!

Hi dru5121,


Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. I'd be glad to assist you in resolving your concerns. What was the price you were quoted by the sales agent?



Hi Amanda,

I was promised 59.99 a month. And when I spoke with the salesman he said I would be at 3 mbps when my data is used up. I’ve done speed tests and I’m under 1 mbps.

Hi dru5121,


Thank you for the clarification. I've requested a sales call review and will update you once I've received the results.




Thanks Amanda

Hello Amanda, any news on the issue I addressed?

Hi dru5121


Not as of yet, but I am expecting to get something back today. Appreciate you waiting.



Hi dru5121,


I've received and reviewed your sales call. Note that the recorded call is the call where the order for the service is placed. I mention this because your comment above identifies the sales agent as male, but you spoke with a female agent who specified her name as Heather. 


Please see my findings below.


-Prior to inquiring on what you use the service for to make a good product fit decision, the agent double checks "you will be moving there in about a week, so you don't have any internet there or any other options?" which you answered "No, I don't think so, I mean I might but I know I can't use the one I have at the present time"

- Agent's first and only pitch is the 10GB high speed plan.

- The 20GB was never offered due to the fact that when the agent pitched the plan, you asked if that was the lowest plan we had because you didn't need "high speed". The agent explains that all the plans are high speed with 25Mbps (verbally speaks both the acronym letters and words) for download speed and 3Mbps for upload speed. 

- You asked how much the plan was and the agent stated "64.98 per month", to which you replied "well I guess that's the one I need". 

- The agent states that if you do go over the data allowance, the only thing that will happen is the speeds will slow down, but you will never be charged for overages. There was no specific quote given for throttled speeds.

- Before submitting the order the agent reads out a condensed terms and conditions which includes: early termination fee, unreturned equipment fee, the link to our subscriber agreement (, what to expect during the installation and that stated speeds are not guaranteed.



Hello Amanda, I’m not sure which call you chose to review because I spoke with many different people. I’m talking about the original sales person who told me about the rates. I explained what I’d be doing. He even talked about how he uses sling tv and what not. I didn’t have my wallet on me at the time so I explained to him that I would call him when I get home. He says that he feels I wouldn’t follow through with it and I would miss out on the deal. So I put him on a 3 way call to home. My daughter goes to my drawer and reads off my card information. I said I didn’t want to miss out on this because he made it sound promising. His name is John and this was the first call to HughesNet to get signed up. Yours sales people basically bait and switch people into internet you guys claim to be good. It’s not. Review the first call and the ones after that.
I want out of this contract. I feel this is going to go nowhere. Viasat offers a better service and so do the other broadband companies out here. I chose this company because the sales people hyped it up really well. My neighbors questioned why I went with HN and said good luck. Now I know what they meant.
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I feel you in the same boat was promised  a 20gb plan for a 2yr promotional plan price was charged regular  price with a lot of hidden charges such as equipment lease fee  repair maintenance fee they lure you in with the promise of a sweet deal then charge you outrageous  price Hughes net is a ripoff  check the fine print before signing up wouldn't recommend it to anyone dissatisfied t customer. 

Yeah. I was aware with the equipment charge. It’s just frustrating when you talk to someone over and over again from customer service and they always tell you let me see what I can do for you. It really is just time to stall and then tell you they can’t help you. I really just want out of the contract with the fee waived. I think it’s deserved for as much time I’ve spent on the phone.