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Rebate missing

I sent all the required information in for HughesNet Rebate Offer #HD1036 twice.  I sent all requested information on 10/26/22.  I emailed the Rebate Center twice after mailing the forms, only to be told that they did not have any record of submission.  So, I mailed the required documents again on 12/1... this time sending the manila envelope certified.  The USPS tracking shows that the envelope was delivered to their P.O. Box on 12/5, but I still have not received an email confirmation from the Rebate Center with a claim reference number so that I can check the status of the rebate.  I am very frustrated as I feel that your company is not honoring the rebate agreement and simply does not want to issue the $300 rebate.  I see that other people online are experiencing the same issue.  I am going to report this matter to the authorities if I do not receive this rebate soon as it is false advertising and deception by your company to say customers will receive a $300 rebate but then not send the money.  I have tried my best to be patient, but my patience has run out.  Please help in any way that you can.  

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The reps will surely help with this, but sometimes it takes a bit while they investigate. Hang in there.




Welcome to the community and thankyou for posting. Please keep in mind the whole rebate process can take 6-8 weeks to be completed from the date the documents are accepted. You can find more specific info by visiting Since I do not have direct access to the rebate center or claims, it would be best to reach out to via email for further questions. You can also reach out to 1-800-310-0540 to speak with the rebate center over the phone. -Damian