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Ridiculous Requirement for Cancelling

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Ridiculous Requirement for Cancelling

When I called to cancel my service I was informed that - in addition to the supplied modem & its power supply - I have to return the HughesNet Eye (a piece of equipment that's on my roof). I explained that I'm old & couldn't climb onto my roof. I was told that that was the reason they give 45 days to return the equipment before they charge for it. So, either I have to risk life & limb to get their stupid equipment off the roof, or I have to pay someone to do it for me (or pay HughesNet for the equipment). If in the future I had wanted to return to HughesNet, that in itself would stop me from even considering it. If they had told me before getting HughesNet that I would be responsible for getting their equipment off the roof if/when I cancelled, I never would have gotten it to begin with! Of all the places I've lived and all the services I've had, never have I been asked to retrieve their equipment off my roof.

Also, when I called to cancel, they kept asking question after question as to why, etc.  The most annoying and intrusive questions were about what service I went to instead - I kept telling them it was none of their business. It took me quite a bit of time to get them to cancel after repeatedly telling them to mind their own business, that all I wanted from them was to cancel.

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Re: Ridiculous Requirement for Cancelling


It's one of the drawbacks of leasing equipment.  


Perhaps you have a younger relative, or friend, that can take the radio off of the dish for you.  

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Re: Ridiculous Requirement for Cancelling

Hello bunnynv,


Many, if not all, companies who lease equipment (especially satellite-based) will require lease customers to return said equipment. Our sales agents are required to review a condensed version of our terms and conditions, which includes the return of lease equipment, in addition to a welcome e-mail that is sent after your order but before your installation which has a link to thesubscriber agreement for your review.



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Re: Ridiculous Requirement for Cancelling

Also one reason why I wanted a ground pole mount when my location was changed, much easier access for everyone especially during winter. Unless the site is so surrounded by obstructions that the dish needs the added elevation for good line-of-site then pole mount is the only way to go IMO.