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Taken payment

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Taken payment

Hughesnet take my payment 9 dollar got me started far as what i no until i call my bank i started service round the 13 14 or 15 last month but any way open my account and it say last month i started service ok i got in 30 of first month free 9 dollar got me started thay wanted services sales that bad ok this month i have the 20gb plan im here in north carolina snowhill thay took 69 dollar and some change out my account i call them about 2 or 3 week ago on this in agent told me she was sorry and she will place a 6 month credit and ill just pay 9 dollar every month even dho we see it will add up the data will be slow down in no this until i started the reel service of it or thay will go ahead and let it blend in with a split intel so i said ok long as i can get what you,ll took from me thats all my concern so the refund never kaim on my card so i call up there again and spoke with in customer service he gave me a refrence number for the refund and told me it will take 5 to 7 days see everything i was telling him is true witch first 3 month free of service is a great deel so i check to see what what today witch i spoke with him last sunday today i call the 19 and one agent did said he see thay took 30 something dollar extra because i have in 30 credit and discount on my account dew to the promo thay give cause i got it in the last month but he said thay cant put my money the money thay took can only go to credit on my account i said may i seek to your **bleep** right ni he said hold let me tell you you started in 2 month ago bli bli so for sure nuff i log in my account and see my account set up for this for that started last month the first 11 dallor got my stated for bill dec 1 a little start in oct and all this bull crap the next agent i talk to told me the same when ever thay take money off your card u will not get it back only way if u cancel your service u will be refunded back so if thay took 350 dollars because thay think you was gonna buy a router or 500 u cant get your money back no sir this not how this go just like you,ll guys made in misteak and one u want to let the computer take the payment and now you,ll guys cant fire the payment back try giving us a number were we can contact someone about money you,ll guys playing with applie the coupon and make sure thay are right the service is not worth for you,ll guys to be maken all these dham misteak look how many people up here with the same sham problem 1 month mean i buy your service today the 19 the 19 of next month is 1 month or when thay come install will be the day of one month payment return number 125886465 and thay still trying to beat me in the dham head only way for you,ll is to go unlimited no cap no data or get up with centurylink see wood thay plug ya in a little bit
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Re: Taken payment



Your post is very difficult to decipher.  Perhaps the reps will be able to tell what's going on from the customer service notes on your account, but it may be beneficial to edit your post to add some punctuation and perhaps clarify it a bit.  You can do so by clicking on the three dots to the upper right of your post and clicking on Edit Message.

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