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Terrible mistake Part III


Terrible mistake Part III

Received the pre paid shipping equipment return box and instructions. I must admit if HugeNot support used the same professionalism and clear and easy to follow steps that the the equipment return department used, myself and I suspect others, would be more tolerant and patient with the service issues. Wishful thinking as it is not the case. Ironic that their best service is in returning equipment.
After cancelling my service, I almost immediately started receiving emails that my credit card declined HugeNot’s $400 etf (only set up for monthly service charge). I tried to access my account to see what was going on but was getting an error and I was locked out. I tried off and on for a few days to access but no success. I received an email today saying my service was to be cancelled if the “outstanding” charge was not taken care of! Remember I was sent and already had received the equipment return box which is only sent out once your account and service is closed. On a whim, I tried to access my account and lo and behold I was able to! I have no idea when my account was available again to me but I guess HugeNot must have realized they were a little premature in stopping access to my account considering they were trying to charge me an etf.
I haven’t given up on getting the etf waived and will keep pleading my case. I only had the disservice 2 months and began calling support during the 1st month of the service start because of slow and buffering issues.
It is sad that HugeNot continues to run the tv internot disservice ads and continues to suck in more unsuspecting people.
Satillite internet service may be the only thing available in certain rural areas and if so, it is what it is, but don’t fall for the Gen5 tv ads but research all available satillite internet providers. Remember in the words of one dissatisfied customer “satillite internet is the LAST option”.

Re: Terrible mistake Part III

I AGREE--NEVER using Hughes Net again-they are charging me to remove the radio. I am returning the leased equipment in order to NOT get charged but will still get charged for doing what I'm suppose to. TERRIBLE SERVICE