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Terrible terrible hughesnet

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Terrible terrible hughesnet

Ok, I have spent over 3 hours total with Hughesnet trying to cancel my account because of horrible low speeds.  I talked with 3 different people, directed them to speed tests I took every day from Sept 28-Oct 6th.  Additionally I did an additional one with the customer service person on the line.  I had already started up with Century link yesterday and their 5 mb download speed feels like lightning compared to Hughesnet.  I had 21 speed readings using your tool at hughesnet.  I completely complied with ever request your customer service reps made.  I had already switched our 3 phones, 2 TV's, 3 computers and 1 Verizon modem to Century Link.  Today's reading of 2.1 mb download was with only my lightning fast desktop on the network and that was 2 mb download speed.  With other devices on over the past week we were getting between .2 and 1 mb download speeds.  We have not been able to use Netflix and I couldn't even watch a youtube video.  Horrible horrible.


Anyway, after almost 2 hours today complying with all the BS on the phone the rep said they needed to bump this up to advanced tech support whatever the **bleep** that is, I said fine, whatever lets just get on with it and the rep would just repeat they they needed to check it out from their side, I said fine, lets do it and around in circles we went.  Unbelievable.  I said at the 2 hour mark this is it, what do you need because I've had it, the rep said the same crap.  Man I am pissed.  I want this cancelled - I doubt after 3 hours of telling them I want the **bleep** thing cancelled hundreds of times it was likely NOT accomplished.  Unbelievable.  Next, I said check the speed you will see and obviously there will be no early termination charges or any other charges,  just check......................................send a fricking person out if you have to, just check.  Crickets.


Since I obviously don't trust Hughesnet anymore I wanted to get this in writing since I 'm sure that your people are told to say no to everything, no matter what.  Oh, advice to anyone and mean anyone thinking about signing up for this ripoff - don't do it.  reference # from a few days ago 106529504.  And I'm pissed in case you don't speak English....



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First, this is the billing support section.


Secondly, this is a support site, not a complaint site.  If you would like help with your service, please create a new topic in the appropriate section.  


Thirdly, there are known issues on a few beams, as is evident if you read through the posts, and they are working on them.  

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We're very sorry that our service did not meet your expectations and we were unable to resolve the connectivity issues you were experiencing. I see that you cancelled your account already and mentioned that you got your old ISP back. We wish you the best of luck in the future and hope you may reconsider us later on!


Thank you