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Usage History Graph totals completely different from Service Plan Data Donut total

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Usage History Graph totals completely different from Service Plan Data Donut total

I just started with HughesNet this month and I am attempting to determine the correct data plan.  My Usage History Graph indicates over 29GB used this month, but the Service Plan Data Donut only indicates 2GB.  Which of these should I rely upon?

Service Plan Data Donut.PNGUsage History Graph.PNG

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The advice has been to go with the info in the donut chart.  The techs are working to resolve the discrepancy issue.

If you just started within the last 30 days, keep in mind your first 20 days of usage is not counted towards the total and is reset daily (if not hourly) during that period. I'd recommend that you wait until the next cycle before determining what your real usage may actually look like.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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Just out of curiosity, where are you seeing that monthly usage graph (the bottom picture)?  The only ones I can find, which are on the Usage page of the HughesNet My Account site, in the Usage Meter and in the Android version of the HughesNet Mobile App, all only show "Previous Month" (or Prior Month) and "This Month", not "Day", "Week", "Month" and "2 Months".  


If it's on a website, what browser are you using?

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Hi mjmulleriii, 


We're closing this thread since we never got a reply from you, but I hope what your fellow community members offered helped. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can more effectively help you.




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