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Where can I get an accurate report on total data used in a billing period?

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Where can I get an accurate report on total data used in a billing period?

With the COVID-19 issue going on, I've worked from home much in the last month, and while I'm glad that HughesNet relaxed bandwidth restrictions to help people who now have to work from home, I am curious about how much data I'm using each month.


However, the "meters" and charts that I find on my account count down from the cap for which I'm paying to zero...then nothing more.  Is there a place I can get more accurate data on my total use per billing period?



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I think those meters and charts are all that is offered at the moment. Someone else may have more information or suggestions on how to get what you want by using hardware or software. 


What would you like a potential tool to do, if not count from the cap to zero? 


Ideally, to count from zero to the total amount used in a month.  Counting down is handy for knowing how much remains of an allowance, but I don't see a way to track how much an account goes over the "anytime" usage cap.

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I'd like a more sophisticated reporting tool too, with more options.  I'm sure the reps on this site will pass on your excellent idea to the appropriate department and hopefully there will be an update at some point. 


I'm using the very primitive way of checking the Usage Meter every hour and seeing how much I use, or how much the household uses. When it's just me, I use 100MB per hour minimum, just by doing normal stuff (no streaming or anything too data intensive). When uploading/downloading files, that goes up to 200MB per hour.   This has helped me a lot, actually. I've been doing it for a month. But it's definitely not fancy. 🙂

If you're looking for hour-by-hour, this might work:
Go to This page.

Enter your SAN (including the DSS+7 digits) and the date you're interesed in.

Not sure if this still works for everyone, but it just worked for me.

Also, disregard that it says Gen4 on top... pretty sure it doesn't matter what system you're on.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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For reference, many 3rd party routers have data usage tallying capabilities, and some of the more expensive ones can even do it by connected device.  If you have a router that has that capability you can use it with HughesNet.

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Good morning QDLLC, 


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! Glad you see you've gotten some suggestions already from fellow subscribers. Your idea is great, thank you for sharing! I've submitted it to the appropriate department here at corporate for review. I appreciate you taking the time to explain your needs.





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