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Who trains the representatives

When I signed up for Hughesnet, I told the person on the phone that I draw SSID. That I receive my payment on a certain day that I would like my bill due for the same time. She told me no problem I will take care of that for you  When I received my first bill it was for the day I called and signed up not the day that I had requested. I called and explained the situation. This representative said that the billing cycle starts the day you start the account but don't worry I will make the change for you. Went through everything. 4 months and several phone calls later I finally got the payment date changed. Today I was told that my data cycle will stay the same because they cannot change that even though I was told times before that it would be. Each representative I talk with says I was given wrong information that they were telling me right. They all should have the exact same information in front of them correct? Why am I constantly lied to?


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I'm probably not remembering this correctly, but I thought it was possible to change the due date.  The best people to answer this, though, are the Hughesnet reps on this site. Hopefully one will get back to you soon.  




Thanks for reaching out! I see this is your first post here. Welcome to the Community! I was able to get your account pulled up through your Community profile, which is great! It seems that the bill date update was successful. Agents are able to manually request a change of billing date, upon customer request. In regards to the data refreshing, the only way to change your refresh date is by making an account change, whether it be an upgrade or a downgrade.