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Worst Company Ever!!!!

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jenny espinoza
New Member

Worst Company Ever!!!!

How this company stays in business is beyond me! A couple of months back I called bc I needed the satellite dish moved. After the customer service rep informed me of the ridiculous amount of money I'd have to pay I decided to cancel. She quickly offered to waive all fees associated with moving the dish. She gave me a case # and assured me I'd have to problem getting the dish moved. When I finally called to get the dish moved the new customer service rep told me there was no way of waiving the fees. I gave them the case # and told them they'd find all relevant information there. The customer rep told me he did in fact saw that the previous customer rep had guaranteed all fees would be waived and that it was authorized by a supervisor but even so I still had to pay. Why should I have to pay for something that their company guaranteed to pay!!! Apparently this company likes to guaranteed services to their customers and then go back on their word.
New Poster

jenny if you would post that case number here the Im sure one of the mods will get it moved for you at no cost since thats what was promised, it might be Monday before you get a reply because they are not usually here on the weekends. have a good weekend
Cheryl Hastie
New Member

Jenny, by posting on this site, I'm sure you will get the help you need. The reps sure helped me.

I'm sure someone will get back to you after the weekend. Good luck and hang in there.

New Member

they told me they would move 1 ft or new home for free one time . And they follow under the lemon law and still will not fix for me so dont count your chickens yet moving your dish is small to what you have to look forward to with more than 5000 +complaints against them now lack of customer service where the customer is always right lol good luck

Hello Jenny,

Welcome to the community and thank you for reaching out.

I have located your account by name and verified the situation. We appreciate your business and stand by your original request to waive the install fee. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion, but we value you as a customer and appreciate your business.

Please let us know if we can retain you as a customer. The fee and reinstall will be waived for your convenience.

- Warren
jenny espinoza
New Member

Thank you for the offer but it's too little too late. After spending an hr with your representatives only to find out they would go back on the services that they guaranteed the last thing I want is to carry on a business relationship. I'm just awaiting to receive the box to ship back all your equipment so that I can be completely done with this company. In the future I hope your phone reps get some training from the online reps in what CUSTOMER SERVICE means. You've been a lot more helpful than what the ppl I dealt with on the phone