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iPhone app to access email?

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iPhone app to access email?

Good Morning and Merry Christmas to all,


A recent "update" to my Hughesnet phone app no longer allows access to my email


I used to log into the app and be presented with my usage; in the upper left hand corner there was a link that allowed me to access my email using facial recognition.  The latest "enhancement" has removed this - What am I missing here; did Hughesnet remove the link from the tool?  What am I to use now?...




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I don't see it on the new Android version either, though I can't say whether it was there on the old version as I rarely used it and never searched for any email part of it.  


If they have done away with it in the app, the only thing I can suggest is to go to your HughesNet email manually using your browser, then put a shortcut to it on your screen.

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