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New to Hughesnet. Swapped provider because of advertised 25mbps. So far a joke. I'm sorry already and when I called support my disappointment only escalated. Don't think I'll recommend. Is there a grace period or am I stuck? One would think 30 days would be appropriate to cancel without a penalty.



Thank you for answering my questions.  I am trying to decide whether I can expect to get improved download speeds, the type of support Hughesnet can provide and whether I can live with the slow speeds during the day.  So your input is valuable.


I notice GabeU thought my question was not reliavant here where I already had an open dialog in the tech support area and critized me for not responding to a message there on Thursday.  I was slow in response because of the confusion I had with the link did not sucessfully respond until Friday afternoon which by that time support staff was probably already off work.  The link was private therefore GabeU would not know I had responded unless he talked directly to Remy or just assumed I hadn't.

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Here's hoping someone will very quickly help you with your issues, Debi.  

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I neither critiqued the relevance or your post being here nor made any assumptions about your interactions with Remy.  I simply gave pertinent information and instruction.

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