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Why is this internet so slow?

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Why is this internet so slow?

I understand I don't know it all so maybe someone can enlighten me here. I have Dish tv and I can run hd 1080p 24/7 but I can't watch a couple movies a week from Plex or Amazon prim with Hughes??? Is it not the same systems? Dishes pointing at dishes? And what year do we live in here? How come we can't figure this out? The paying customers are still suffering after the 5th generation. Boggles the mind. At this point I feel like it's just a cruel joke from some suit that hates humanity. Maybe someone can clue me in on this. I've never had this type of internet b4 now and I'd honestly rather go without that be so pissed off all the time and somehow try and justify why I'm paying for it. I feel like any other provider of goods would be long gone and out of business had they had the nerve to deliver what this trash service does. And I'm about to get another hit in my credit report for lack of payment from yet another place that thinks I owe them for something that's so lame. What do I have to lose at this point really other than a headache?
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Wait till Verizon gets 5g lte and we'll no longer need Hughesnet.

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Verizon is super slow in my area. 

This Hughsnet is awful. Made a big mistake changing to this . Slower than my previous


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I agree. They're the worst company I've ever dealt with
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 I've never had this type of internet b4

First, let me ask you have other internet options/providers where you live?

did you actually spend ANY time reseaching Hughesnet & satellite broadband in general before signing up?


Let me enlighten you..

Ya see, here's the thing. Hughesnet was originally designed for folks like ME...folks living out in very rural areas with absolutley no other internet options or providers available to them (that includes dial up options)....and believe me, even though HughesNet satelite broadband service came at a significantly higher cost than other internet providers, we were THANKFUL to finally be able to connect to the world wide web..


"And what year do we live in here?"

Believe it or not...even in the year 2018, there are still many folks like ME who live in very rural, secluded areas with absolutley no other internet/phone options (wireless or landline) and again even though it comes at a higher price, Hughesnet allows us to connect to the 'outside world' and enjoy interacting with family and friends via social networks like Facebook & Twitter. We have no need and/or desire for all of today's smart devices. If we want to watch a movie..we turn on Dish Network and tune to HBO.


"I can't watch a couple movies a week from Plex or Amazon prim with Hughes"
"The paying customers are still suffering after the 5th generation"

Get over it and turn on your TV!

Even though Hughesnet technology and capability has come a long way over the years, for some reason, you all seem to be under the impression that the up to 25 mbps speeds should be for EACH device that you try to cram on your network.

Guess what, it doesn't work that way....the more smart devices you have connected at any one time, the slower your network and speeds are going to get. These days folks think they should be able to stream a movie, and at the same time, play on your tablet, run your Xbox One, and chat with Siri...and you may very well be able to do that with other internet providers...but you simply cannot do it with Hughesnet, and if you had taken the time to research this, you would of known this before signing up for Hughesnet. If Dish and Hughes were the same would only have one satelite dish mounted to your roof.


but your right about 'suffering'....

We, the folks who DO still rely on companies like HughesNet to bring us internet service, WE ARE SUFFERING!!

If not for folks like you, jumping on the bandwagon with all of your smart devices trying to get way more out of Hughesnet than it is capable of delivering, WE..the folks who do live rurally, who have no other options, would be sitting here enjoying our 25mbps speeds.


"Boggles the mind."

Couldn't have said it better myself...!!!


"What do I have to lose at this point really other than a headache?"

Nothing at all.....well, besides the $400 early termination fees if you choose to disconnect before your 2 year contract is up (you did research that before signing up right??)

However, as bad as it sounds, I have everything to gain when customers like yourself decide that Hughesnet is not for this just makes the beams a little less congested for the rest of us.


I REALLY WISH HughesNet would explain ALL of that so people that have another option would NOT sign up so people like ME that have no other option can actually Have the 25+ Speed to just stay connected....

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While part of me agrees with what you are saying, the other part of me tends to think that this kind of mentality is part of the problem in that it is making more and more consumers LAZY.

These days a lot of people don't want to take the time or energy to research a company for themselves before signing on the dotted line.

They 'expect' that the company or saleman is going to be completely transparent about the services that they are offering...

That's just not going to's never been like that, nor will it ever be like that.



I REALLY WISH HughesNet would explain ALL of that so people that have another option would NOT sign up

If HughesNet or any other company for that matter, went around speaking WHOLE truths about their product, more than likely, they wouldn't get nearly a many subscribers as they do. They are in buisness to be attracting customers...not push them instead, they emphasis the info that they think you WANT to hear (the good stuff about their service) and put the rest in **very VERY small fine print....with the hopes that you won't read it until after your signed up. 


As a consumer, it is YOUR sole responsibility to be reading that **very VERY small fine print BEFORE signing on the dotted line.


Have you visited a Sam's Club recently?

There is usually always a Dish Network/DirecTV saleman, usually working on commission, who will randomly stop shoppers trying to persuade them to switch over to their service.

How many of those shoppers do you think they get to switch over to DirecTV or Dish Network...using nothing more than a little pamphlet and their 'word' that it's a better deal? It's a lot more than you may think...


It's usually that very same shopperwho, two months later, is complaining that the DirecTV saleman didn't tell them EVERYTHING and now they are stuck in a 2 year contract and think it's 'unfair'.

Well DUH! Of course they didn't tell you everything...they are working on COMMISSION and are relying on your lazyiness or unwillingness to find out more information so that they can get the sale, meet their quota and move on to the next smuck.

So who's fault is it really??


If folk are going to blindly sign on the dotted line without doing their OWN due diligence on a company and/or the service that company provides, then, I'm's YOUR fault and no one elses and as such, you need to accept any consequences that come of that decision.


(p.s when I use the words 'you' or 'your' I am not referring to YOU personally Smiley Happy)

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Having the same trouble.  Had to cancel Amazon because Hughs internet does not have the speed to play their videos.  On Netflix, have some trouble with buffering all the time but it will play eventually.  If I did not have to pay $300 to cancel would do so in a minute.  Have another year and a half to go.  Then goodbye Hughs.  Several people have asked me about Hughs and I quickly told them not to order.  Was glad to see someone else is having trouble.  Thought maybe it was just me.

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Have you tried toggling the Video Data Saver?  


What is Video Data Saver?