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After trying Gen 5, I'm Going Back To Exede

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After trying Gen 5, I'm Going Back To Exede

After my first day of Hughes, I've been on the phone with tech support for over 3 hours. They sold me Gen 5 but on the Echostar-17 sat which has download speeds of 0.28 Mbps. What a fraud! I'm going back to Exede! Shame on you HughesNet!

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Ive just changed to gen 5 . my download speed is between 45 and 50 mbps and upload is about 15 mbps. I am well pleased, You need to get them to come back and check your installation, something must be instslled wrong  

They have me pointed to Echostar-17 which is overloaded and really slow. I'm in a region that isn't supported by the new sat (Echostar-19). HughesNet promised me Gen 5 but can't deliver.


If they can't fix this by 10 am tomorrow, I'm going back to Exede and will terminate my service after 2 days of crappy sub 1 Mbps service. HughesNet knows there's a problem. They should stop selling Gen 5 in my region and all regions that won't pick up Echostar-19.

By the way, the install was perfect with a really strong signal. The real problem is the overloaded Echostar-17.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for posting, I'm sorry to hear this, I understand your frustration. I really appreciate you for reaching out for support in your thread here. I'm glad we were able address your concerns there. We hope to see you back with us someday. Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!

If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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My installer told me that Exede piggybacks on a Hughesnet satellite. Not sure if it is really true or not.

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Nope, not true, both companies have their own respective satellites.  DishNet and Frontier, and other companies though, will use Hughesnet and Exede, as they don't have satellites for internet.

Yep, as Corrosive said, they have their own satellites. As a matter of fact, Excede was supposed to launch a new satellite (Viasat 2) this month but it has been postponed due to the ongoing protests in French Guiana where the launch was to take place. So, that will delay their new service for several months most likely. Viasat owns Exced simliar to Echostar owning Hughesnet. They both make their own birds for service for the most part.