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Need a 30 gb + plan

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Need a 30 gb + plan

Need a new plan  plz hughes net listien too the customer dont be jerks to the customer .  i see some trully  nice service but need a biger data plan hate this 20 gb data plan is a flickin joke please  upgrade data plans in zip 97108    in oregon  we need better service out here and shameful on hughes to just keep me and other customer stuck at 20 gb of data really shaddy ............    i m waiting and no up grades seem to be comming any time soon i may leave hughes net in 2019  2020 time frame..............  this is bull.   and i really am tired of being   data cap i may look for a new service in 2019 2020    really fed up with this. 


20 gb ant going too cut it   for me   wen  i go back to colloge on Line next yr Not at alll, probbly going to need more then that to talk to my proffesors or teacher 20 gb isnt  much really sad. 

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In many areas they have reduced what's available to the 10GB and 20Gb plans due to customer load, which you have already been told.  They aren't being jerks, not are they guilty of the extremely offensive "reasoning" you claimed in an earlier post. 


The bottom line is you aren't going to get back the 30GB plan you downgraded from two months ago, and neither insulting Hughesnet and their people, nor actively circumventing the system so you can post veiled profantity, is going to change that.  

 ive just had enoughf of   this  service not working with the customer to punish a customer for making changes is bull   it shameful    i will file complante with a better bussness bearuo of oregon n tell them how un customer friendly this is.......... if i can some how get somthing else i will leave .       i cant go to school onliine with 20 gig is a joke truly a ...... joke so  tell m,e this  they have the right to pull a customerr service plane with oiut replacing  it  that is   abge**bleep**t     sir hughes net  can stick it were the sundont shine in 2019  2020 im leaving .......... 20 gigs ant enoughf too do my schooling online  ................... 

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They have the right to change what they offer at any time they wish.  That's their right as a business.  They offer what they offer.  You had the 30GB plan.  You downgraded to the 20GB plan.  Unfortunately, when you wanted to go back up to the 30Gb plan it was no longer available.  That's the breaks, and it's their right to pull any plan they wish.  And they did so because of customer load, as has been said numerous times.  They aren't going to continue to offer plans which too greatly impact the system. 


And continuing to violate the Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service with your foul language isn't helping you.  Try to demonstrate a little maturity and show a little respect for your fellow users of this Support Community.    

Hi john777, I understand your frustration of not having access to the 30 GB plan anymore. However, as it's been mentioned, your area has a high demand for the service, which would cause the system to overload if customers continued to have access to the 30 and 50 GB plans. This would ultimately lead to everyone's service running poorly. 


As a customer, you are free to post on here any troubles you may be experiencing, and we'll be here to help! In order to stay as a member though, you must refrain from using inappropriate language and follow our Guidelines and Terms. If you violate these Guidelines and Terms, further action will be taken. 


For your data usage, there are ways to maximize your usage that can help prevent your service being placed at reduced speeds. You can check out some tips here


Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated. Thank you!