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Send out a e-mail Service ticket!

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Send out a e-mail Service ticket!

 When i first got the hughes net service i had some stuff i needed help with and what i did was sent them and e-mail and they took care of it rather well within the 48hrs. Hope this helps some one out there!

Hi Stargate,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community! We're glad to here this and we appreciate you contributing to our community with positive information that can help others as well. We strive to have all bases covered when our customers need assistance and you can call, email, post in the community, and get chat support around the clock. 

Thank you,

  It is a "unsolicited" post based on my own experience! Pia I have not really had any big problems with the service and i had it now going on three years! At first i had a few snags but all in all, has been good! Knock on wood!! Have a great day!
Assistant Professor

Pia, I honestly think the majority have good, reasonably decent service. If not HughesNet would surely be out of business by now and wouldn't be planning on launching a new satellite.

No, it will never be like cable/fiber and have seemingly limitless data caps. Severe thunderstorms and heavy snowfall will knock it out. It definitely has its unique flaws but I'm glad it is available or else I would have nothing.

This was unsolicited also although. I, and few other customers, do visit here frquently and try to help people when I can.  Guess that's obvious with so many posts.  🙂