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Should I upgrade our HN9000 Business service?

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Should I upgrade our HN9000 Business service?

I've been on Spaceway3 (HN9000 modem) since 2010. It's a business plan w/ static IP. We currently use HN solely as a backup to our landline service, since we always need connectivity, and HN makes for a good backup solution.


What do others think of investigating an upgrade to the most recent Gen5 system? Would I still be able to get a static IPv4 address? Curious if the costs would remain the same as we're paying now, which is about $100/mo. Any deals for existing customers? We bought our original HN9000 system outright.


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I would upgrade, for better support and quality.  As for prices, only a rep can answer that. 

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I would go to the HughesNet site, click "For Business" near the top, enter your address as shown and see what business plans are available in your area.  The pricing should also be listed there, but you can also call the number on the site to get the particulars.  When calling the number they may have offers for existing customers, so it'd be worth the check. 

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