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Bad install.....Bad customer service on the phone

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Bad install.....Bad customer service on the phone

I have had my service for just a few days and there are a few issues. When the installer was connecting the cable coming in the wall, he saw that my wall plate was buggered up where it mounts to the wall "box". I told him I can get a new wall plate with good mounting holes and swap it out. (I have spent 23 years in the pro AV industry as an installer & service tech, this was an easy task...I thought).

After getting a new plate, I realized the cable he ran was just flush with the wall, as in, it was so tight, I could not pull the cable through to be able to connect the plate & push the cable back into the wall. This is called a "service loop". I have none. I checked in my basement & followed that line all the way to where it was coming in. There was NO way to give me more cable at the wall.  <-- that is problem #1


Second....I cannot watch anything without constant buffering. I cannot enjoy watching TV because of this.  I called them this am & the gal on the phone was not understanding me. Truth be told...I had a hard time understanding her because she talked SO fast. I asked her to slow down several times, but she continually went back to fast.

I asked to speak with a supervisor several times. Never got one.  She then said that the (I believe) post install team needed to get back to me in 3 to 5 business days & I am to remain near my phone and available. Yes, she actually said this. So I told her I will stay off my phone for the next week and wait for them, to which she replied "yes". 

I am not happy. I'm ready to cancel this entire thing. It's only about day 4 and they have already left a real nasty taste in my mouth.

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Your frustration is understandable, but you have come to the right place. Here we subscribers can interact with corporate reps, who have much more authority than the phone reps.  If you're a business subscriber, though, you will need to call 800.347.3272 for support.


Two things:


  • The reps here may not reply right away.  They will reply, though, but they're not here 24/7, so you may need to wait a bit.
  • You can cancel if you want, but keep in mind that it'll cost you $400 (more if you have a business account EDIT: actually, it looks like it's also $400 for business accounts). That's the Early Termination Fee (ETF). I suggest you read the subscriber agreement (this is a legally binding document) and that you read about the ETF

So if I have major issues less than  a week into the service, they get $400. If they cannot resolve this, I will pay it to be able to watch tv.

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The ETF applies from the moment the system is installed (this is stated in the subscriber agreement). However, if they cannot resolve your concerns after best effort troubleshooting (this means, you working with the reps here to do troubleshooting on your system), they are happy to work with you regarding the termination fees. 

After reading up more on that buffering issue, I've seen posts dating back to at least 2016, so it is a known issue. Known to all but new customers, that is. Not the kind of surprises people enjoy.



Thanks for reaching out! I see it's your first post here. Welcome to the Community! I was able to get your account pulled up through your Community profile, which is great! I went ahead and read into the previous call notes with the agent you spoke with, and it seems they did in fact escalate you to our Post Install team! They'll reach out to the phone number on file, and will make sure the issue is resolved! I'll keep an eye on the case, and provide updates as they come. In regards to the buffering issue, I wasn't able to locate previous troubleshooting history. What streaming services do you commonly use to watch television?




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Due diligence research would reveal the downsides of satellite internet. Reading the subscriber agreement (which is available free online to everyone, not just subscribers) would help set realistic expectations for the technology. Buffering is a downside of satellite internet technology and it is an effect of the laws of physics. It is indeed known to anyone who investigates how satellite internet works. What is also known is that at the moment, the laws of physics cannot be bypassed, so those who use satellite internet need to adapt. Those who don't want to adapt would be wise to use their time and effort to lobby their representatives in their state legislature and in Congress to bring terrestrial internet to their area.  

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I strongly suggest to get out of your contract now while you can. This is the worst internet service provider I have ever had and I wish I would never had signed up with them. 

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They can get out of the contract whenever they want, as can you, if you're so disgruntled. All he has to do is pay the early termination fee. You can do the same: pay the fee to cancel the contract and go on your merry way.