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Customer Support Issue


Customer Support Issue

Contacted customer support via chat on the HN app concering my bill after getting a msg that my bill was $0.01 overdue. I have a monthly draft for the bill, so I did a quick check and the tax on the bill has been $0.94 per month since at least 1 Jan 19 until the 28 Nov 19 bill when it went to $0.95. Not a super big deal, but curious as to why the change since it isn't the begining or the end of the year. The customer service rep, after I explained the issue and they reviewed the file, advised me to contact the IRS about any tax questions. While I understand that this isn't a "normal" billing question, the rote responses clearly showed lack of understanding. When I asked to speak to someone up the chain, the response was they have the same access and would provide the same answer. When I asked for a contact within the US to get an answer, I was provided with a toll free number to the IRS!


What I would like is a simple answer for why the amount of tax increased when nothing else has changed and federal/state tax laws don't typically change in November.



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Re: Customer Support Issue

What type of tax is it? Sales and use tax rates can change on a monthly basis. 

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Re: Customer Support Issue

Not to mention state communications taxes.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.