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Echostar 24 implementation - beam #68 overloaded

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Echostar 24 implementation - beam #68 overloaded

How long will it take to implement Echostar 24 after it is launched?


the launch date is 7/23/23.  How long will it take to transfer Hughesnet users to this new beam(s)?


I am currently on beam #68 and my internet is very slow.  A download speed between .17 - 1.31.  Tech services tested the speed and the download speed was 0!!!!!


Hughesnet engineering stated that my slow speed is caused by overloaded beam #68 and there will be no relief until Echostar 24 is operational.  When do you expect that to be?


thank you.

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"there will be no relief until Echostar 24 is operational."


I'm on Beam 68 too. That's very bad news, and I'm also curious about when the new satellite will be operational. 

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@KEJ wrote:

Hughesnet engineering stated that my slow speed is caused by overloaded beam #68 and there will be no relief until Echostar 24 is operational.

I hope that the person who told you this is mistaken and it's instead a problem that can be remedied, for both yours and maratsade's sakes and everyone else that's on beam 68.


Though I can't say for sure, it seems to me like the problems with this beam came on suddenly, not gradually. With a beam becoming overloaded, as in to the point that it causes more than a typical prime time slowdown, you'd normally see it happen over time, as more subscribers are added. The speed issues with beam 68 seems like they happened literally overnight.

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"I hope that the person who told you this is mistaken and it's instead a problem that can be remedied, for both yours and maratsade's sakes and everyone else that's on beam 68."


I hope so too. Fingers crossed!

I am also on 68. Had been out of town while this was being discussed, but am back now.


I did notice some degradation before I left where it seemed as if I was in constant FAP, even though there was plenty of data left and the cycle had just restarted a couple of days before. We're talking all times of day, including Bonus time. Best I can tell, that has since been cleared up, because Bonus time is giving me in excess of 30Mbps on all Linux and macOS updates.

However, there are times where it almost seems as if a bunch of people got new video doorbells, left them running in HD, and they were constantly running. The congestion, particularly in the evenings, is less than optimal. It's manifested itself in terms of lag time, not really speed (e.g. some initial buffering on Amazon Prime or the occasional missed connection due to a timeout) but nothing that's consistently clamped my system to below 1kbps.


If it's much worse than what I'm seeing, I suspect there may be something else afoot here, since we're all on the same beam.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Maybe it is maintenance that involves swapping out IPGW servers or turbo buffers and the IPGWs available are reduced.


Could there be some maintenance or upgrades happening at SDO?  What about the other beams that share this gateway, like 64 and 66?  If folks on beams 64 and 66 also see something like this maybe this is the result of some maintenance at the gateway?



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Intriguing thoughts, MrB!  Hopefully the reps will have some official input in all this. 

If 64 and 66 are also having issues it makes sense that it's most likely ground station related, yes. I would assume that those beams are routed together into one data stream either at the satellite itself, at the ground station, or a combination of both. So anything is possible. 64 is over Missouri and S. Illinois, 66 is over KY, and 68 is over C. Virginia. To the best of my knowledge those are the only 3 beams routed to SDO.


Regarding 10am: I find it very strange that all the congestion is during business hours. It used to be much later in the day, towards evening. So, perhaps a bunch of people on 64 or 66 (9am CDT, incl Western portion of KY) trying to remote work from home? Kids home from school piling on Disney+? I see a bit here as a slight degradation, still nothing major, but I still do all my heavy lifting before 8am.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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At my site, FAP-like speeds start around 10 a.m. and don't recover during the afternoon and evening (at least until midnight; I don't know if they recover at or after 2 a.m.). It's very peculiar.  During the hours when the issue happens, I can't even test speeds; TMN won't work. refuses to work, as does Google Drive.  I really hope whatever the issue is can be fixed soon. 

Hello - I,too, am on beam 68, and the service has been worse than normal for about w month and degrading daily. I have run testmy automatic tests, and no one is interested in looking at them. and also an "advanced service tech" was out and replaced everything except the dish itself (.5 years old).

Usually the response from tech support is: see if the commands clear things up by tomorrow. Of course, that doesn't happen.

I have also been told several times that there is a transponder problem that is being worked on with NO estimate of repair. I have been told that the transponder is a device on the ground, and in a remote location. When I asked where that location is, the answer was "Washington, DC."

Now, I am pretty sure that there are few remote locations near to DC !

I have also been told that this is a beam 68 problem.

I have been told that this is a "it's overcast in SDO" problem. I've been told that when I say there is bright blue sky and nary a cloud in sight that I am WRONG ! because the tech's weather map shows drizzle.

So I'm getting lots of different "explanations". I am told that there will be progress reports but so far nothing other than "the engineers are aware of this problem and working on it" - this for all of 2023. I would think that by now IF the transponder is on the ground (most recent story) it would not be too difficult to replace it. But from my point of view, it seems as if what actually might be happening is that nothing is being done in anticipation of the new satellite. However, since the launch of the satellite has been repeatedly delayed, someone might have thought that maybe replacing the ground transponder would be appropriate.

If it is a ground transponder problem. Not understanding how launching a new satellite will "fix" a device located on the ground.



My connection is erratic at best (literally), and will degrade at any time during the day and night. Degrade means speeds from disconnected (annoying when one sets up a download during the bonus zone and there it is only partial - and this happened on a testmy automatic test) to speeds so slow that pages don't load. Another characteristic  of the aberrant connections is that it will instantly go from 0 to 400 and plummet again. 

I know this is not my computer (the one and only device I own, connected with ethernet cable) because when the tech was out a couple of days ago, it happened on his smartphone.

I am also told that others in my area have the same problem - so how is it that Hughesnet doesn't contact us and tell us what the problem actually is and what is currently being done to remedy the situation and what is the long term remedy?



Curiously, he mentioned that the new satellite was not going to be launched until the FOURTH quarter of this year.....


While he was out, he checked to see if there was a better location for the dish, and found one - but it uses echostar 17 not 19.

How do I find out if that would be a better connection? And, of course, would I have to pay to have the dish moved? (I have the service plan).

And why don't any of the techs at the beginning of a call check to see if I am on beam 68?


That's my 2 cents.....




Thank you for reaching out! We would recommend keeping an eye on our social media platforms and website in regards to announcements on our next generation of HughesNet! As the engineering team stated, although we are working to find a solution for beam 68, a complete fix is not expected until the satellite is up and running. In regards to beams 64 and 66, I was unable to find any information regarding ongoing issues with these specific beams. We will continue to keep you updated on new information when we receive it! We appreciate your continued patience, and the updates regarding speed tests and troubleshooting for documentation!




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