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Gen 5 FAP Speed not 3 Mbps


Re: Gen 5 FAP Speed not 3 Mbps

@Amanda, Thank you.

The service provider came on time and replaced the radio (with a different model maybe?), verified line of sight and re-aligned. Then he found a slight crease in the rim of the dish and thought that could cause a fluctuating signal so he replaced the dish. Signal was improved and has been steady in the high 90's. The problems I've been experiencing are most pronounced during peak hours but I'm hopeful this evening will be better. If it was a signal issue, perhaps the FAP mode was also affected (or even exacerbated it) and will now be a more usable 1.4 Mbps. 


I'm going to see how it goes this evening. This is probably an uncommon request but is there any way to temporarily remove or suspend my anytime data tomorrow before the evening until the next day so I can see if FAP mode is more usable than it was last month?


Re: Gen 5 FAP Speed not 3 Mbps

Hi ilmontgo


Unfortunately we only have the ability to add data, not pause or remove it. I am happy to keep your case open until you can give it a test run and monitor the health of the system along the way.

Just a side note, I checked your current diagnostics and see that the iPhone connected to the 2.4Ghz wireless band has a "fair" connection status, which is not optimal. If you don't have it already, I also recommend downloading the free HughesNet app and test the strength in the app throughout the house.




Re: Gen 5 FAP Speed not 3 Mbps

Hi @Amanda,


The iphone signal was "fair" because I was outside with it all day yesterday. I did 2 speed tests with the iPhone on the porch and they were in line with the rest of the tests run from my laptop with full wifi signal during daytime hours yesterday. I just did another test on the laptop and got 70 Mbps. It seems non-peak speeds and web response are improved.


I thought the temporary FAP mode wouldn't be possible; no worries. Signal strength is still steady in the upper 90's so it seems the dish and radio replacement helped with that. However, my experince during peak hours last night were just as bad as before; as low as 2.14 Mbps - so 10% of 25 Mbps.

I'd like to talk about those offers you extended to me.


Re: Gen 5 FAP Speed not 3 Mbps

No problem, I will PM you Smiley Happy

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Re: Gen 5 FAP Speed not 3 Mbps

I am a brand new customer as of today and I was told the same thing that my speed would never drop below 3mbps while streaming and 25mgbs while surfing the Internet after I have used my 50 GB data for the month. Sounds like the sales people are lying to the new customers to get them to sign up. And by the way she said the tech that came out would have me sign the contract which he did not have me do.
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Re: Gen 5 FAP Speed not 3 Mbps



To address your issue and keep it separate, you should start a new topic in the Tech Support section, which you can do by clicking on the blue "Start a topic" button on the upper right while within said section. 


You can request that your sales call be reviewed in that post to verify what was said to you by the salesperson.  

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Re: Gen 5 FAP Speed not 3 Mbps

Hi, I just wanted to do a 3 week update and it's good news. I was upset because FAP mode was virtually unusable.


It does seem like I'm getting the throttled speed pretty reliably. It has been good enough that I haven't bothered with the speed tests. I am now able to stream Netflix at decent quality with no issues in FAP mode at peak usage hours. It does have to buffer for around 30 seconds for each video and starts with low quality but it streams straight through and the resolution improves in the first few minutes. Browsing is slightly improved too. This is after the technician visited and replaced my radio and dish and ensured correct orientation. My signal strength went up from the 60's to the 90's and sometimes over 100. That technician visit was prompted by another thread about reduced performance during peak hours.


So thank you to the moderators and Amanda for addressing my frustrations with seriousness and expediance; I am much more satisfied with Hughesnet's service now.