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Gettin those Severe Speed Issues Again, and Web Acceleration is not supported?

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Gettin those Severe Speed Issues Again, and Web Acceleration is not supported?

Hey, im on throttle except for my Bonus Zone(currently 11GB). Im getting speeds as low as 13kB/s according to TestMy. I havent done a battery of tests yet though. But ive noticed that on the System Status page it says that Web Acceleration is not supported, and nothing happens if I click Reset MBX or disable Web Acceleration under the Advanced options.

Im barely able to get Facebook to load, and it took about 15 minutes for me to get to the message page here. Im going to assume that this is similar to last time(a few months ago) that this is to do with me being on throttle, and that there is still severe overload on my beam, and of course, there has been devastating natural disasters recently that may play some part in this. But I wanted to bring it up for the engineers to note, and that there is this new Web Acceleration issue

Here is my link, im going to begin a battery of tests now. I just realized that I did the tests without being signed in, so that the earlier ones arent saved. But I was averaging speeds of 25kB/s with a couple being a slow as 13kB/s, downloading a manual download of 1MB


Hi folks,


Regarding WAS, “Web Acceleration Not Supported” is a normal condition.  Hughes continuously updates configuration and technology to maximize user performance.  Web Acceleration technology developed by Hughes accelerates non-secure (HTTP) web browsing by pre-fetching certain content, minimizing the impact of the round-trip delay over the satellite.  However, the vast majority of web content is now secure (HTTPS), so Web Acceleration has no benefit for most web browsing. Hughes is turning down the Web Acceleration components in certain areas to evaluate the performance impact, if any, as part of our normal network maintenance and optimization.


Also, reduced speeds under the Fair Access Policy can fluctuate as much as when not subject to the policy, so we can't guarantee any sort of range under that circumstance.



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Back to full data and its running properly! Since it started picking up during the throttle I'll assume that whatever needed to be done behind the scenes was done 😛

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@Danny89 wrote:

As an educational moment, im curious, why are internet speeds now more measured by bits per second as opposed to bytes? It certainly makes things look more impressive, but as someone who was in the dial up days, everything ive ever downloaded shows me data in bytes, and of course all storage is still measured in bytes. Feels like some Metric vs Imperial stuff 😛

Websites vs apps/programs.  Speed testing websites have almost always shown speed in bits per second by default, with occasional excpetions, while apps and programs that show speed often do so in bytes.