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Hughes email down again

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Hughes email down again

All day today, my pop3 email has not been able to connect to the Hughes email server. This is as it was a few months before. Just letting you know. Hope the techs can resolve it again. Thanks




Thank you for reaching out. Periodically, HughesNet and the external email server will experience an issue that only affects external email clients such as Outlook. This resolves on its own at random and there is no current fix for it outside of using direct email methods for the time being. I apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. -Damian  

I received the email from damian from my Thunderbird email client. )It did function for him, but not in  the boot-up of my device, I got the unable to contact message , again. I post this as a user adding what is happening now a clue if that helps ? 

I received an email from Hughes, they seem to be able to have no problems with my email client, but with regular email sweeps , and boot-up, still have the email problem occasionally. No, no solution. Worked for years, now no.

How can this problem resolve on its own?


  Well ,I was able to see your message, now, but have had 3 failed email sweeps today. I mentioned this before in this thread. It is sporadic, not every day.