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Satellite moved out of position

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Satellite moved out of position

One of the kids hit the sit satellite dish and shifted it out of position and now we can't get connected. We tried calling support and they gave us the run around and acted uninterested in sending a technician. We are still on hold after 30 mins. Is there anyway we can fix this on our own? I work from home and need this fixed immediately. The moden works fine, all of the lights are on, yes we unplugged it and plugged it back in. It's giving the the symbol when your wifi has no internet connect. It's clearly the satellite being out of place. What do we do?

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Your best bet is to wait for the HughesNet reps on this site  (@Liz , @Damian , @Remy)  to remotely check your modem and see what's going on. They will then discuss next steps with you.

Hopefully they will reply to you today.

I hope so. Thanks



Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. Please private message me the phone number associated with your account and I will run remote diagnostics and figure out why a technician was not sent out. You can send me a message here by clicking this link . -Damian



Thank you for providing me this info. Unfortunately, it appears you have a Business account (SME). Our community page is specifically designed to support residential accounts only (DSS). For support with your Business account, you would need to call 1-800-347-3272 again. The best advice I can give since I will be unable to run diagnostics is to explain that you can clearly see the dish has been moved and the service stopped working. Requesting that you need a tech to come out and repoint it should leave little room for other suggestions. This may not eliminate the standard troubleshooting steps they will have to do before sending one out but hopefully this will help.  -Damian 

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My best guess is that the dish got pivoted side to side. See if it can be gently rotated a little left and right while someone inside is checking to see if channels show up. Next you can try gently pushing up or down on dish (I doubt the kids accident changed this though). Since you have no signal now, you have nothing to lose until the tech comes. After you do somehow get it re-aligned properly; use a permanent magic marker to mark the elevation and the the position on pole, then you can tell when its not right. There are some cellphone apps to help you re-align it too.