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Slow speeds only in prime time hours

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Slow speeds only in prime time hours

I see there's other complaints but I'm not sure what was resolved with this issue.  I have the 15mg plan, using the HT1100 modem.  In the mornings I get 20+ download speeds using  Afternoon it drops some, then during prime time I'm down to 1mb.  I called tech support and they thought I need to re-point the satellite but that makes no sense if I'm getting good speed during the morning hours.  Can you offer any solutions?

Amanda has been working on my issue behind the scenes, so I thought I'd come on and mention that we are working through it.  The result is that I'll be switching to Gen 5 on a lower data plan than what I currently have.  With the compression of data on streaming that is used on Gen 5, I should be able to stay within the 30g.  Even if I go over 30g the throttled speed is better than what I have today so it's a no-brainer.

thanks Amanda!

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Thank You Rude and Uncaring.
My speeds tonight are OK . This time. Right now.
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Still bad, hope to stay awake and post when it jumps up.

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spent almost 2 hrs on phone with tech support  we ran 4 test  direct to mode in reg mode then 4 in safe mode with not much change with all the test we done i never received even 1 mbp of download or  even .5 of upload  ...was told engineer  would contact me within 48 to 72 hrs with a fix to my slow speeds ..ill believe it when i see it  

This is just a game they play to keep stringing you along.  No help is coming.

I have been dealing with this same thing as well.  I have talked to a bunch of people at thing I will say is they stick to their guns on not letting you out of a contract.  Reading all the post on this community site just confirms to me that they have oversold their technology and don't have the bandwidth to keep up with their customers. 

During troubleshooting and getting speeds of under a 1 Meg I litterally have been asked if I can get to I answered yes he said "so your internet works"  I said no it does not....not at night when I am at home.  He said "it works, it just does not work for you"  If bringing up the simplest, smallest web site is their definition of "working" and speeds under a meg are acceptable on a "up to 15 meg" service, I guess I just don't get it. 

I have asked to be let out of my contract due to the poor service issues and have been told no.  I have submitted a complaint to the Federal Comunicaton Commisson and been told no, the service is within what Hughesnet considers normal speeds.  I submitted a DTCP compliant and was told the same thing.



This is not beam issue or a safe mode issue.  You have oversold your bandwidth and you are not delivering the product to your customers.  Period.  100 bucks a month.......


sounds like mis-communication or a stretch of the truth on your part.  I've spoken with techs on the phone and on here, and no one thinks under 1mbps is acceptable.  I've never been told that it is, only down to 60% speed is.  For me, that would be 9mps.  Heck I'd be happy with 2 or 3, I can at least stream with that.



Amanda, anything from the engineers?

No stretch of truth.  Literally what I have been told.  As you can tell I am frustrated.  You have a ton more patients that I do.  by the looks of this you are just under 2 months into this and judging by the comments have not seen any improvments.  How is that ok?

I also understand that its Satelite internet and things are not perfect.  I don't have unrealistic expectations of the service.  I don't want to be able to have 5 devices on or multiple video streams going.  I do however want to be able to send an e-mail with a 2 MB file attached or I want to be able to watch ONE video stream consistently between 5 PM and 11 PM.



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"I have talked to a bunch of people at thing I will say is they stick to their guns on not letting you out of a contract. "


I have been on this site for a while and have seen them let people out of a contract in some circumstances.  I hope your issue will get resolved soon. 

thanks  me too.  🙂

strange development.  Now the internet keeps cutting out, it was doing it over the weekend and now again today.  I wonder if someone is doing something on my account?  It will start working again several minutes later, or if I re-start the modem

My guess, and it is a guess, is that the gateways are being worked on, on the fly, as the new Gen5 service is added beam by beam.

Hughes never was one to post many if any reports of network conditions.

Usually we could pick up some info here in the Community but it has been strangely quiet of late.


Amanda, Liz, anyone????

Am I a Gen5 candidate?

Pretty stellar customer service huh? 


You certainly are, dhorwath! GIve us a call at 866.347.3292 to upgrade. 


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

Slow performance? Click me!

I called and they were only able to get me on Gen5 for a higher cost, and under a new contract that starts over for another 2 years.

The 50g plan becomes $99.99 a month plus $14.99 equipment lease for the first year, then $129.99 a month plus equipment for the 2nd year.

reference # 103225893

This is not acceptable, I am willing to pay the amount I originally contracted for with Gen 4.  If in order to get the speed I was promised means putting me on Gen 5 or if it means that engineers need to fix my current service, I do not feel that I need to pay any more out of pocket to get what was promised.

I feel like this is classic bait and switch, and that a lawyer would take up a lawsuite on something like this.

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Just gonna say this now, lawyer threats wont work, drop the b/s.

Either upgrade, or wait till Jupiter One has fewer people on it, there's nothing else you can do.  They can't just magically add bandwidth to Jupiter One at this point.  While there are beam expansions going on, they aren't doing much in terms of performance for everyone.

I wish to second what @C0RR0SIVE stated.

New satellite launches and all the associated network integration only happen once every few years.

The integration is done by Hughes Network Engineers at the very highest levels.


People at those levels are very few and you can rest assured they have been burning the midnight oil.

While I can understand your frustration  I can also tell you that if you decide in a fit of anger to go with Brand Ex, they will be launching ViaSat-2 in a few weeks and will be going through the very same process addressing the very same problems.

Satellite Internet is vastly more complex than ground based systems.

Wait it out, go with Brand Ex, waste your money on an legal shark or move to a spot with ground based connection.


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@rlucken wrote:

This is just a game they play to keep stringing you along.  No help is coming.

What do you base this comment on?

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Still bad. Now on a mission to stay awake until I can post a 10+ mbps test.

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Not yet. By crackie I'm gonna stay awake until it jumps up again. Garsh darn it, yee haw!

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Not yet, but it will. Getting tired and wanting to go to bed though. Will not beat me! Looking for 10+.