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Who can be contacted to fix a problem?


Re: Who can be contacted to fix a problem?

I'm a 3 day old customer. 

I have to admit, their tech is top notch, however, unfortunately, so far, I have to agree with you on their customer service.

Do you have the number to their executive customer service? I'm getting no where with the standard line.

I've been out of internet since I started because I burnt through my data, relying on the promised "relaxed bandwidth" they told me I would get for 20 days.

This is rediculous and it just takes a quick google search to see that thsi company has 1-star service. Smiley Sad

Where I live, I don't have many options. And I want this to work out, but it's only been 3 days and I'm already frustrated as heck.


Re: Who can be contacted to fix a problem?

Preach it brother.

I'm glad to see i'm not the only one suffering here. Misery loves company. 
I just hope, that even if I'm going to be stuck with Hughesnet, that I can help customers by telling them ahead of time what they are getting into.

Until Hughesnet can provide customer service, this company is broken.


Re: Who can be contacted to fix a problem?

You seem to be a Hughes-fan. I take it you haven't had a problem with them yet?


Because if you ever do, you'll understand why some of us feel the way we do.


Sure, if they did what they say they would do, and nothing ever broke, and we never needed to talk to a human for help, then Hughesnet is great, because the technology is great.


But when you don't fix your customer's problems, you fail to be a successful business. I'm glad you seem to be lucky and haven't had issues yet.

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Re: Who can be contacted to fix a problem?




 When replying to a post, use the @ symbol and the person's name will pop up so you can choose it.  This is helpful so people, including the intended person, know who it is you are replying to.  Or, conversely, you can just use the person's name in the reply.   

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