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wifi on but no internet connection

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wifi on but no internet connection

My internet hasn’t been working for 3 days. It says wifi works but no internet connection. it’s been rebooted multiple times, power cycled, hard reset & I even flushed the dns. Unfortunately it’s still not working. All the lights on the modem are working, but i can’t connect to the system control center via direct plug in or wifi. It also randomly is showing me an error code of 14.1.2 & then it disappears & comes back in a few minutes. I think the modem just needs replaced it’s older. 

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According to my notes, that state code means "Wifi module missed more than 5 heartbeat messages" (whatever that means!). I also have a note that the user should "Check that your local network is set up correctly, these are not indicative of a Hughesnet issue."


Maybe someone else can give you more information about this.

@maratsade  I’ve tried everything from rebooting to resetting the modem , power cycling, flushing dns & turning on & off ipv6 but nothing works it says wifi connected but no internet & customer service is no help 



Thanks for reaching out! I was able to look into your account and run some diagnostics, and was producing similar results. First let's see if an modem swap will do the job. Please expect the replacement soon; you can use its box to return your old modem. For your convenience, the return label is included in the outer pouch. 

Let me know how the new modem works out for you!


@Remy  Thank you! I hope this helps.

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@jerriyocham , glad to see you're getting a new modem! 

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