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Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Scam

@Madams83 wrote:
Its sad hughesnet actually has to pay supporters because otherwise all they would have is put downs. 

Your evidence for this defamatory, and nearly libelous, statement?  You have none, because it's nonsense. 


@Madams83 wrote:
Above comment is right about one thing itll only be fellow subscribers that help if any at all definately not hughes net.

First, your misread, and secondly, another nonsense claim by you, which is easily disproved by anyone that bothers to read through Tech Support.


And, from below...


@Madams83 wrote:
My credibility can be proven.  

If anything, you've shredded it.  Making statements which are flat out lies, like the two above, tends to do that. 


@Madams83 wrote:
This is the hughesnet community. I am a paying customer just like everyone else in here. When you've contacted customer service and support and get no help this is the last resort. So no! I dont have to 'go somewhere else'.  

Perhaps now you'll actually use this site for which it is intended.  Since your first post all you have done is complain.  You've been told what to do to get help, multiple times, but you haven't bothered to do it.  You'd think that someone who is having such issues would attempt to have them resolved instead of doing what you have been doing.

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Distinguished Professor III

Re: Scam

>>One, you can search far and wide and not ONE person who has subscribed with this company except the few and i mean few guru's on here none the less have been satisfied with their service.


You generalise from a small sample. 


>>Two, i have contacted Hughesnet quite a few times and to no avail. My calls have been disconnected, claims supposedly expedited.


On this community, you have been told how to troubleshoot your issues so fixing them can go forward,  and people have tried to give you help and advice, and you have rejected it, preferring to continue to complain and treat others with rudeness that is completely uncalled for. This is your choice, but it will not fix your problems.  


Post your billing issues under the right section and try to be polite to the people who can help you. Didn't your parents teach you any manners?


So far you have done nothing to improve your situation but whine and insult others. How's that working out for you? Has it fixed your system's problems?


Re: Scam

Hello Madams83,


We'd be absolutely happy to help you with any concerns you have and I am sure we can find a resolution that works for you. Please create a new thread for yourself in the appropriate category (if you have more than one concern, pick the most prominent issue and use that category) and include some specifics on what is going on so we can assist. This thread will be closed.


Thank you,