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Can't update my debit card expiration date

New Member

Can't update my debit card expiration date

My debit card is set to expire next month, I got the new one in the mail, tried to update the card online, then the Hughesnet my account page says "error check your info" when i change the date and 3 digit seciurity code, i called support and they had the same problem, they told me to let the old card expire then try again,  does that sound like good advice? I mean is that what the problem is, that the old card han't expired. i have used this card since 2011, updating it once in the past without an issue , Can i update it after it expires or do i need to find another payment method


Re: Can't update my debit card expiration date

Hello Jeff,


Thank you for contacting us. After reviewing your account, it appears you were successfully able to update your information with one of our agents. Generally, the card will remain valid until you are in the month the card is set to expire. It is recommended to update the payment method a month or two before this happens.  If you ever have any further questions regarding updating your billing information, please contact us at your best convenience.