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Canceling Service - Do I get a prorated refund of money paid

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Canceling Service - Do I get a prorated refund of money paid

I called to cancel my service today since I am moving.  I was told that I cannot get a refund of money paid for service from July 27th to August 26th, even though today is July 27.  My payment due date was not until August 6th.  Why can't I get a refund since the payment was not even due?  I understand having to pay the early cancellation fee, but how can the company withhold money when I cancel my service?

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One of the HughesNet reps on this site can look into this for you and let you know what's going on. They may need some information from you, which they will ask you send to them privately. 




Thank you for commenting and I am sorry to hear you canceled your service with us. I am having a hard time understanding the example you are giving as you cannot be refunded for money you haven't paid yet. The payment you made yesterday (7/26) was for the service you just used in your billing cycle from 6/26 to 7/26. Your monthly bill has always generated on the 26th of every month not the 6th. You canceled your service a day after your normal billing cycle ended. In other words, your normal payment was due on 7/26 in which you paid and then you terminated the account today which is first day of your new billing cycle (7/27). Your account is on a grace period where the service will remain active until 8/26 for the final month. The grace period is a 30 day timeframe where we give every account the chance to re-initiate service if you end up changing your mind about terminating. Your account is pending shut down/termination and if you do not wish to stop it, the HughesNet service will officially stop and your account will deleted and shut down at the end of 30 days (8/26). If you wish to have a more immediate style termination to avoid this final grace period month, you will need to call back in and request this change specifically.