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Cancellation requested

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Cancellation requested

ive asked them to cancell my services because since the install i am not able to download and watch youtube or movies because of it buffering all the time, and then when it does play the picture quiality is really not that good. so they tell me ive have to agree to cancellation fee of 350 dollars before they will process my request even though ive told them no more autopay, they have made changes to my setting number of times and sent service techs out and still sucks .  WHAT SHOULD I DO? I AM TIERD OF PAYING FOR SOMETHING THEY PROMISED!

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Re: Cancellation requested



I'm sure that before they will consider anything regarding the Early Termination Fee when cancelling, they will need to do some troubleshooting.  To begin that process, you should start a new topic in the Tech Support section, which you can do here.  There could be a number of things causing the issue, and troubleshooting will help to pinpoint what they are, or what it is, if it's a single thing.  I know that you've already done troubleshooting and they've sent techs, but the reps here will probably still need troubleshooting to be done.  I could be wrong, though.  


The only other thing I can suggest here, if you haven't already tried it, or they haven't suggested it, is turning off, or snoozing, the Video Data Saver while you're viewing the Youtube videos or streaming.  

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Re: Cancellation requested



I have investigated the issue for you and have come up with a resolution. Please see my private message for further details.


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