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We don’t have cable and use our smart tvs to watch shows and such, my bf also does a lot of work from home on his phone. I specifically asked if the 100G plan would be able to run 3tvs and 3 phones on multiple occasions and was told yes every time only to never be able to have the internet work on any of the devices. We end up having to use the hotspots on our phones until they run out just to watch tv or do any work. The service is the worst and I’ve called multiple times to do troubleshooting and it only works for a day or two afterwards and then goes right back to not loading anything. I was told after I had been paying for it that the plan I have won’t work and I need to upgrade. It ridiculous and I’m tired of being on the phone for hours with customer service. I’ve called 3 times this week and eveytime I call I get told something different. Thursday when I called it took me calling two different times and rebooting the router 4 times for it to work even a day and then today I called and the lady pretty much told me she wasn’t going to help me or reboot the router until I went and disconnected every device on my service when the only thing connect to the wifi was 1 tv and she proceeded to argue with me that I was wrong and the internet works. I’ve had hughesnet before and it was bad but not this bad and honestly I just want out of the plan but I’m not paying fees to get out of service that doesn’t work and I never want to have to deal with hughesnet again!

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You will need to do troubleshooting before they consider eliminating the early termination fees. See this:


From that article: "Troubleshooting is key! If we cannot resolve your concerns after best effort troubleshooting, we are happy to work with you regarding the termination fees."


The moderator may ask you to run tests or do other troubleshooting steps.  While this may frustrate you, it's in your own best interest to comply.


The reps can see what devices are connected to your modem. If they tell you there are things that are connected, then there are things that are connected . 


You may not be aware that something is connected, but you can also see what's connected by using the Usage section of this website, located in the blue area at the top of these pages. Follow this process:

  • Click on Usage
  • Click on Usage Details
  • Click on Usage again -- you will now see the Connected Devices link
  • Click on Connected Devices
  • Click the button labeled "See all connected devices." It's located towards the bottom of the page.

The moderators will likely also check the notes the people you spoke on the phone with have made regarding your case. 

I’ve already done all this both on Thursday and today and none of it seems to work. I’m tired of paying for something we can’t use

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Well, we'll see what the reps on this site say.  I just suggest that if they ask you to troubleshoot something, that you do it.  Best wishes!



Thanks for reaching out! I see it's your first post here. Welcome to the Community! We'd love to help look into this, but I was unable to locate the account connected to your Community profile. Please send a private message to the link provided below, with your account number or a phone number attached!




I’ll try to message you