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Dis-affirming any and all agreements with Hughesnet immediately.

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Dis-affirming any and all agreements with Hughesnet immediately.

, Georgia Sevison, do hereby notify Hughes net that I disaffirm all and any contracts on the basis of non-“meeting of the minds”, i.e. the service cannot come remotely close to providing our needs based on Internet bandwidth consumption.

Please affirm this dissolution of all contracts providing internet service and phone service and equipment.

Please send a Return Merchandise Authorization along with mailing address and any instructions necessary to my email,

Details.  Our internet usage for the 10 Gigabytes of Data was used up in the first day and ½ according to the tech support person determined at your place of business Beginning Aug 19th.

If one does the math, that would mean that we would use approximately 250 Gigabytes of data per month.

We told the installer about our habits, not playing video games, but viewing 4k/UHD movies daily from the hours of 3 to 5 p.m., heave internet usage including video podcasts, news site video, studying videos online, Pandora and normal surfing and researching information.

The installer’s recommendation, we will start with the 10 GB package, and you can upgrade if needed.


The cost per month to meet our current needs would be met through your highest plan (50 GB), and then purchasing an additional 200 GB of data for an additional Cost of $600 bringing the total cost of such an arrangement to an outrageously high figure, let alone the cost of the accompanying phone service.

Almost no-one would pay $750 to $800 per month in a residential setting, if a reasonable approximation of data usage and cost would have been tendered we certainly have not had this unworkable, and valueless to us, solution installed.

I am posting this, referring it to whomever ever I speak at your suggested on this forum number of 866-347-3292.

I have disconnect the modem and Analog hone adapter, and await your RMA instructions.

If I had been afforded an even ballpark yet accurate approximation of our needs by the person with whom I spoke first, (who only asked if we did gaming, but asked no TV size or 4k.UHD move watching habits, or the installer who far underestimated our actual usage even though we went in detail to get it righr the first time, we would never have installed this service from you

Sincerely, and Respectfully,

Georgia Sevison

P.S.  I have a transparent agreement and workable arrangement with a competing service in our area, whichI have had installed and tested.  It is normally faster, more reliable, and provides adequate band width to meet our needs at a fair and competitive price, which in a cost comparison is about 1/8 of the cost of the same service through Hughesnet.

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Re: Dis-affirming any and all agreements with Hughesnet immediately.

Yeah, read the contract to see how the procedure works, because what you posted here is  worthless. Any grievances must be solved via binding arbitration. See, section 5.  

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Re: Dis-affirming any and all agreements with Hughesnet immediately.



Firstly, as stated by maratsade, posting this here isn't going to help you.  You can't cancel your service via this support community, much less by posting your instructions to do so.  If you wish to cancel the service, you need to call 866-347-3292 to do so.  


With that said, if you feel that you were misled by the sales rep, you can request a review of your sales call in order to determine if the sales rep set appropriate expectations.  You can do so in a reply to this same topic.  Please keep in mind that sales calls are only available for about three or four months after the sales call was made, and only the sales call itself can be reviewed.  If it's determined that the sales rep did not set appropriate expectations, you may have recourse.  That determination can only be made by a HughesNet rep.


Also, for safety reasons, it's not wise to post your email address on a public forum.  You should click on the three dots to the upper right of your post and edit the email address out.  When you speak with a HughesNet rep you can give your email address directly to them.  


If you would like to wait for the results of a sales call review, again, please reply with a request for the review.  If you would rather not wait for that result and would instead like to flat out cancel your service, you will need to call 866-347-3292 to do so.  

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Re: Dis-affirming any and all agreements with Hughesnet immediately.

Hello GSevison,


I see you've cancelled your service already, and wish you the best of luck with your new ISP!