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Download Speeds not as Advertised?

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Download Speeds not as Advertised?

I'm trying to download some video games to my computer, but they are only 816 KB/s which is supposed to be 25 megabits per second? I tried turning off Web Acceleration because I read that might help but no matter how many times I click it it just stays enabled? Soooooo, I'm starting to feel like Hughes Net isn't worth it.
Distinguished Professor IV

As per the many disclaimers on the HughesNet website and the subscriber agreement, speeds and performance are not guaranteed. Speeds are going to be heavily influenced by the inherent nature of satellite internet, plus a lot of other factors, such as network congestion, internet latency, and others. So while most users get the advertised speeds and more delivered to their modem, the other factors impact what happens next.

To have speed issues addressed by the reps in this community, first you will need to follow the procedure detailed here:
For more information on running these tests, check this page:

EDIT: you should also check to see if you've run out of your monthly data allotment.