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I moved to CA in the mountains,was told only ISP was Hughes. I am so dissapointed with them,I'm paying $116/month,I have phone also. By the 2nd week we are slowed from the whopping 15mbs to about 1mbps,can't talk on the phone because it's using the same SLOOOWWW internet! I now have to move back to OHIO for health issues & am unable to use this service there. My landlord won't allow a dish to be installed & also the service there is only "Supposedly" half the speed of here,which is suppose to be 25mbps but NEVER has been! They currently have a ISP there at the house I'm moving to that is only $40.00/month with speeds of 100mbps & 200 TV channels. 

Seeing as how I'm paying for 25mbps & a phone,neither of which has EVER worked worth a crap & Hughes doesn't offer those speeds in the area in which I am moving. I would like to be released form contract without paying outrageous ETF,for something that I can't use,isn't avaliable & has NEVER perfrmed the way I was told it would! TYIA

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Who is it that informed you that HughesNet's speed in wherever it is in Ohio that you are moving is only "half the speed" of your present service?  


The most likely reason you're slowed by the second week is because you've run out of data and are subject to FAP.  


Regaring the issue with the phone service and the alleged service speed issue, have you previously contacted HughesNet regarding the problem(s)?  

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In most cases, a landlord can not legally prohibit you from installing a dish, or antenna on any property you rent or lease, unless you enjoy your property being considered a common area where other tenants that the landlord rents to can come and use.

The F.C.C. actually grants tennants the right to have satellite and antennas installed professionally on property that they do not own under most circumstances, and landlords can't usually stop that from occuring, unless it's truely a common area.

Moving doesn't always equate to the ability to cancel service with out an ETF.

F.C.C. Installing Consumer-Owned Antennas and Satellite Dishes
F.C.C 98-273 PDF



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I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! Our best recommendation is to speak with your landlord about compensating you for the inconvenience or double-checking the FCC OTARD to see if the landlord's guidelines are valid. As C0RR0SIVE already noted, you may still be able to install the system, as the FCC has provided consumers with protections against this situation (including causing you to incur expenses).


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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